Jul 28, 2015

By the River

A good military jacket is hard to come by. Some are too boxy, have no shape and you end up looking like you're wearing a green tent. Others are too short, while some are too long. There is definitely a fine balance, and it took me a long time to find the perfect one for me. This one is perfect because it's easy; it's not complicated to wear, and throwing it on over a white t-shirt and denim shorts is as easy as throwing it on over a lace blouse, black skinny  jeans and wedges.

The running theme in my closet is easy. I love that I can slide the door open and put just about anything together (maybe more if I were color blind). I am a jeans and t-shirt girl through and through, but I love dressing it up with a great bag or a sparkly necklace. The key to a great closet is build-ability (let's be real, that's not a word, but totally should be); which means that you can build an outfit new ways every time you wear it.

Jul 24, 2015

Day Designer X Target

I have always loved the designs and the durability of the Day Designer planner, and even used one for a year back in 2012. They are everything they are cracked up to be, and I'm sure works great for a lot of people. I struggled using it because each day is broken down by hour on one side of the page and then a checklist for "to-dos" on the other side of the page. I loved the checklist side, but couldn't get used to the hourly breakdown side, so I ended up switching over to a different planner.

When I saw the Day Designer X Target collaboration, I knew I wanted to go check all the designs out. I was in the need for new organization at work, so the timing was perfect. The shelves were fully stocked, so I was able to flip through each one. This gold striped planner is perfect! It has the two separate areas (you'll see what I mean, below), so I have the checklist column and the other column just has lines, no times.

No two of my work days look the same. I don't have a lot of appointments scheduled or a bunch of places I need to be at certain times of the day, so the hourly breakdown kind of bothered me because I felt like I wasn't using the planner as it was intended, but it just didn't fit my lifestyle. I am loving the gold striped planner though. I can put any calls or meetings I might have in the open column and then I can put my "To-Do" list of the day in the other column. There's plenty of space for making notes and keeping track of random information that doesn't belong on the checklist.

Jul 22, 2015

Favorite Makeup Products | July 2015

I love trying new makeup products all the time. It's that one thing I can use to switch up my look without having to do something drastic. I can wear the same striped top with jeans 52 kazillion times, but if I wear a smoky eye with the outfit one time and a bright red lip the next, somehow the outfit always feels new. That's what I love about makeup; you can change your look without changing your look.

Along with trying many new products, I also find products that I love more than anything else and no longer need to find another product to fill the void. The products in this post are just that—void fillers. I will add a side note, after photographing these products for this particular post, I did go out and purchase the Urban Decay Smoky palette and it should definitely be on this list. I don't know what it is about smoky eyes, but I love that look and that palette makes it easy to get a lighter smoky eye or a full-on, intense smoky eye. I think I'll give that palette it's own post though, so we're back to these void-filling purchases for the moment.

Jul 20, 2015

Beachside Daydream

There's something so serene and natural about time spent at the beach. The sun, sand, wind and salt; they all pair together so seamlessly and I always hate to leave. I don't have a weekend beach trip planned this summer, but I have been enjoying a few day trips here and there in its place. So, I love that I can now take the good vibes of the beach with me where ever I go, and I have Gemma at Isle Coast to thank for that! 

Jul 13, 2015

Smoky Mountain Roasters

Deep in the heart of the western North Carolina mountains sits a cute little town (among many others), called Waynesville. In the Haywood district of Waynesville is the best coffee shop EVER! Smoky Mountain Roasters roasts their own beans daily, whips up the yummiest of concoctions, and sells their own organic, fair trade, shade grown coffees also. Buy a pound (or two) and you'll never have to go a day without their amazing coffee in your mug.

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