Mar 2, 2015

Coming up Berries

It's pretty sad to admit this, but as a native Floridian I had never been to the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City. All that changed when I saw that Alabama would be in concert opening night. Festival attire, in the winter at least, should always include plaid, jeans and boots.
Festival food is always a main reason to attend, but the chocolate covered, jumbo strawberries on a stick were by far the best thing EVER!
Just as we were getting into Plant City, we stopped by Fringe Boutique, so I could purchase one of the limited edition Bourbon & Boweties strawberry bangles. I love that the back of each strawberry is engraved with "Plant City 2015". It's such a special way to mark such a special night with my mom.
My mom has been an Alabama fan forever, and their music has always been a huge part of my life. I know words to songs I didn't even know I knew, we've listened to them on ten hour drives to our previous house in western North Carolina growing up, and there's home video of me singing songs from my car-seat as a toddler.
My favorite story, however, is the one where I was about four years old, we were at an Alabama concert and my mom turned to look at me. I was fast asleep in my chair, mid-concert with my legs indian style. I told her I owed her a ticket, so I treated her to this concert—almost 20 years later.
Outfit Details:
Shirt | Gap
Jeans | Loft (The Modern Skinny Fit)
Boots | Gianni Bini via Dillard's
Crossbody | Coach (similar)
Strawberry Bangle | Bourbon & Boweties via Fringe Boutique
Shotgun Shell Bangle | Bourbon & Boweties
Watch | Marc Jacobs

Feb 26, 2015

Currently Loving: New Beauty Products

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7-Petunia | 8-Rose | 9-Gladiolus

New beauty products are a fun, cheap way to quickly change up your look or make you feel pampered when you need a bit of spoiling. These are a few of my favorite products as of late.

The Dior blush is splendid on mornings when you're so tired you can't even see straight, but you know you need blush, so you don't look like a corpse. It self adjusts to create the perfect pink shade of blush for your skin tone, which makes this a no brainer.

On a whim, I picked up the Jergens Instant Sun Mousse to try and I really, really like it. It's the first self-tanning product I've tried that doesn't have that overwhelming gross self-tanner smell (you know what I'm talking about), the mouse is light and easy to blend in, no streaking, no mess and I don't look orange. I will say, make sure you wash your hands in between applications. For instance, I applied to one whole leg, then washed my hands, did the other leg and then washed my hands. Otherwise, your hands will definitely look "dirty" if you don't use a glove to apply.

The Revlon HD lipsticks are my new obsession. I love all three colors I have and they are on constant rotation.

Last product to highlight has to be the L'Oreal Visible Lift & Blur Concealer; HOLY WOW this concealer is fantastic! I've only used under my eyes and I swear I look like a twenty-two year old again—no joke. This concealer covers up the worst of the worst (think: those extra late gno's with cocktails). 

What are some of your current beauty favorites?

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Feb 23, 2015

Everyday Wear

Jewelry has always been a way I've marked special occasions for myself. It first started with a pair of diamond studs on my 18th birthday, and from there it's always been special to mark achievements in my life with a physical representation of my hard work. What I love more than those sentimental investment pieces is that they are timeless and classic, which allows me to wear them right up against my cheap, street vendor rings from a girl's trip to San Francisco.

Anjolee was kind enough to send me a gorgeous eternity band ring, which I've been wearing as a right hand ring. The right hand ring, to me, is a way to mark an achievement; maybe a job promotion or graduation, or even to celebrate a fear that's been conquered. Then again, I feel like any significant moment deserves to be celebrated in a special way. I think that's why Anjolee stuck out to me the most; everything is customizable, including their tennis bracelet diamond selections, which means you can personalize your "celebration" jewelry any way you want.

4 Tips for Investing in "Celebration" Jewelry
1. Pick something you'll actually wear on a regular basis (watch, ring, earrings, necklace)
2. Select a design that's timeless and will never go out of style
3. Wear it all the time to remind yourself of how hard you've worked
4. You should be able to dress it up with formal wear or dress it down with jeans and a t-shirt

Top | Target
Jacket | Express (similar)
Jeans | H&M (similar)
Shoes | Dillard's (similar)
Clutch | Kate Spade (similar)
Necklace | Versona Accessories
Eternity Band Ring | Anjolee c/o
Thumb Ring & Middle Finger Ring | Street Vendor in San Francisco
Black Bead Bracelet | Alex & Ani
Link Bracelet | Tiffany & Co (similar)
Round CZ Bracelet | Charming Charlie's
Silver Bangle & Beads | Brighton
Nails | Formula X Obsessed
Lipstick | Chanel Boheme

Sponsored post in partnership with Anjolee. CZ ring sent c/o.