Jan 9, 2017

The 3-Minute Peel

One thing I really like about monthly beauty boxes is the opportunity to try new products I'd never in a million years find on my own or risk spending money on just to hate it. I've discovered some amazing beauty products, but everything pales in comparison to the Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel. I know that's saying a lot, but it's true.

Jan 4, 2017

2017 Goals

I love the feeling of a fresh start: a new year, a new month on the calendar, a new week, a never been used journal, they all mean "clean start" to me. There's something mental about it, I know. It's hard to start new on a Wednesday. So, I get it.

I spent most of December looking forward to 2017 and all the fresh, newness that would come with it. The fresh, newness I not only wanted to receive from God, but fresh and new I wanted to do for myself too. I can't sit around and expect great things to happen if I'm not doing something to better myself or make this life the happiest life I can live.

So, with that, I spent a good part of last week writing down every single thing I want to be more cognizant of pursuing in this new year. I'm calling it, "The Year of Adventure" after landing on adventure as my word of the year. To me, it doesn't just mean traveling as a means of adventure, but really expanding my horizons and doing things I wouldn't normally do within the realm of my comfort zone. I even got myself this wishbone keychain from Anthropologie to serve as a reminder.

Dec 28, 2016

Simple Habit | Meditation App

With 2017 right around the corner, I'm already thinking about goals and resolutions to set for the new year. One of the biggest things I need to wrangle is my stress and the anxiety that accompanies it.  Not every day is a total freak out, and not every day is anxiety-filled, but I've definitely become more self-aware of those days when they are happening and need to make better choices to curb the anxiety. One way I plan to do that in the new year is with more guided meditation. I always feel three million times better after a yoga class because I'm forced to quiet my mind, focus on my body, and my breathing. I never thought about taking my meditation outside of yoga until the Simple Habit contacted me to try a trial of their new app for meditation on the go.

Dec 27, 2016

Instagram Roundup 03

I can't believe Christmas is over, and we're merely a few days away from 2017! I'll be honest, this year was rough—probably one of the hardest years I've had as an adult. I definitely won't be sad to see 2016 go, and I am so hopeful for the new year and all that it has in store.

Anyway, here's a peek at how the holiday season looked from my view point!

Dec 20, 2016

Skincare for Your 30s

My mom always raised me to treat my skin right. So, from a very early age I remember her instilling in me the importance of washing my face (at that point it was just with a wash cloth soaked in warm water), applying sunscreen, and taking care of my skin so it would last me as long as I'm on earth. Before entering middle school, she took me to the Clinique counter, which was the most popular for girls my age in the late 90s. I still remember that skin diagnosing slider chart they used to determine what kind of skin I had. I walked out with face wash, toner, moisturizer and a blemish treating serum, which was perfect for my oily skin especially since I also played sports in school. While I don't use that particular skincare line anymore, it did show me how important skincare was and that has continued as I've grown older.

Most of my twenties, I focused heavily on prevention. So, I used and still use a lot of rejuvenating and boosting products. I think the biggest thing I've noticed in my skin lately is dryness. I have oily spots, but at the end of a long day at the office my skin somehow feels dehydrated. I can feel it around my eyes mainly, but my skin just looks different at the end of the day as opposed to when I first wake up in the morning.

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