Sep 22, 2014

Autumn Soles


I don't think there's anything I love more than fall/winter shopping, which definitely includes boot shopping. There are so many choices: color, riding, ankle, embellished, leather, suede, the list just keeps going. This year, I'm on the hunt for a few new pairs.

I'm waiting to snatch up those Minnetonka moccasins while vacationing in North Carolina later next month. Why would I not buy moccasins  while on Indian tribal land in Cherokee, NC?

I've been desperate for a pair of black riding boots, but have never found a pair I really love. I'm thinking that might change this year. Those Wasee riding boots by Nine West are screaming my name.

Combat boots have made a big return to the scene in the past year, and I think they toughen up any fall look perfectly.

Little black booties are great for dressier occasions, and work with pants, skirts and dresses. They are so versatile it's almost a sin to not own a pair.

Aren't L.L. Bean boots on everyone's wish list? Just me? Okay.

What boots are on your wishlist this season?

Sep 17, 2014

Rustic Chic with

Girls have been dreaming about their "big day" for years and years. Whether they're attached or not, that day is thought about more times than you might imagine. Every time I hear of wedding plans, go to a wedding or see pictures later, I'm always taking mental notes on what I'd want, and what I could live without. So, what would my dream day look like if I were to plan it right now? With the help of, I've put together my Dream Day ideas.

In my mind, there is nothing more gorgeous than a wedding deep in the mountains of North Carolina  on a fall day in the early evening. The sun creates this gorgeous blush hue at that time of day, and only lends to the feel of that special day. The ceremony would be in an open field with the mountains as the only backdrop, and the reception would be in some old, rustic barn (yes, barn). If you know me personally, I'm not one that enjoys being the center of attention in a large group of people. I've always preferred intimate get togethers with my closest friends and family, and I don't picture my wedding day any different. I picture the perfect number of guests to settle in around thirty people, with dinner served at one long, old wooden table.

For the bridal look, comfortable, classic and romantic are the ideas that come to mind. I want to be able to breathe and relax, so comfort would be a must for the dress and shoes. My hair would be down and wavy with a sparkly headband, and makeup would be a deeper version of what I wear on a normal day. I've never imagined my look being anything more than a better version of myself.

If you're planning or just dreaming of your big day, make sure to check out! asked me to participate in their "Dream Day Challenge". All opinions are my own.

Sep 15, 2014

Feeling Ghoulish

Normally, I don't get all wrapped up in Halloween decorations. It always seemed to make more sense to decorate for the fall season, which carries me all the way from September to after Thanksgiving. That all changed when I walked into Target on Friday night and the beam shown down from heaven on the Dollar Spot. First off, if you've never taken the time to gander at the items in the Dollar Spot, you're seriously missing out. Second, I think it's the smartest move Target has ever made. (the Tom's collaboration this Christmas season might top the Dollar Spot though.) Not only is everything $3 or less, but it's good stuff.

I wasn't looking for Halloween decorations or any decorations for that matter, but there was almost an entire aisle dedicated to fall and Halloween decorations, so I new I had to peruse. I found jack-o-lantern string lights for $3, window clings for $1 and some other fun items. Everything pictured cost me $9 + tax. If you're a teacher looking to decorate your classroom, a college student or newly graduated into the real world with a strict budget, check out the Dollar Spot at Target. You can find stuff all year long, decorations for any and every holiday and great little gifts to drop in the mail to friends when it strikes your fancy.

One tip, the section at my Target tends to  deplete quickly, so check often and if you see something you want, just buy it. The changes of the same item being there on the next shopping trip isn't always reliable.

Not a sponsored post; I just really love Target's Dollar Spot.

Sep 8, 2014

You, Me, Oui!


September, already? I honestly don't know where the time goes anymore. My mom always warned me, "the older you get, the faster time goes." I never quite believed her; mainly because I can't imagine how time could go by faster when I work over 40 hours a week, and have pretty much the same routine everyday as I did the last. To me, that seems like time would pass slower, and every now and then I run into those days that just don't seem to end.

Overall, my mom was right. Time does move a lot faster now than it ever has before, especially during the fall and winter months. Summer was busy of course, but fall and winter are always substantially busier at work, and my social calendar tends to fill up with birthdays, parties and after work get togethers. I love easy outfits that transition from work to after work. Faux leather leggings are a gift from the legging gods. They instantly dress up any graphic t. Throw on a chunky necklace, and you're out the door.

As soon as I saw this shirt in Old Navy (get it now while it's $11), I knew I had to pair it with leggings and leopard flats. I felt so Parisian when I wore it. I'm sure this is nothing like what the Parisians actually wear, but it's what I would wear if I were in Paris on vacation, so there's that.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday, and an even better week!

Affiliate links used, but all opinions are my own.

Sep 3, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

Denim Vest: Target (old) | Faux Leather Shorts: H&M | T-shirt: Loft | Necklace: Francesca's (old) | Bracelets: Alex & Ani
To say it's hot in Florida right now would be a major understatement. We seem to have moved from hot to downright unbearable these past few weeks, and it doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. August-mid September are definitely our dog days of summer. The sun beats down on your shoulders excessively, the rain showers seem to stop, and the humidity cranks up to 100%.

The only way to beat the heat is to work with it, not against it. Lately, I've been relying heavily on my humidity blocking hair tricks and letting the humidity take its toll on my curls in a way that looks more beachy, and not like I'm having a bad hair day.
At this point in the year, I'm pretty much over the neons, florals and summer patterns, and am more than ready to mix in some of my fall  pieces, but I have to do so in a way that's still comfortable for our current weather conditions. Faux leather shorts and a denim vest are great pieces for those in-between days no matter what state you live in. You can pair with a light, loose fitting t-shirt or a crop top, heels or sandals; the sky is truly the limit on these pieces.

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Affiliate links used, but all opinions are my own.