May 2, 2016

Julep Unboxing

I haven't done and unboxing post in a while, so I decided to use my April Julep Box that just arrived, and put up a new post. By now, I'm sure everyone has heard of or receives a monthly beauty box. Honestly, they are the best little gift each month. There's always something I'm looking forward to trying, and after a long day at work, it's nice to crack open a bottle of wine, unbox and play around with all the new goodies for an evening.

box details:
Nail Polish in April
Your Lip Addiction Lip Oil in Covet

Apr 25, 2016

Sheer Plaid

During the warmer months, my weekend style turns into preppy beach bum looks. I rely heavily on denim cut offs, flip flops, sunscreen, and loose flowy tops to get me through till September. It's really the only way to survive a heat index of 101 degrees. Clingy clothes don't allow the slight breeze to cool you off. So, I love looser denim cut-offs, and sheer-like fabrics for my tops. I love that this one is see-through, but you can't tell in the pictures.

Apr 22, 2016


You know when you've always wanted to try something, but didn't think you'd be any good at it, and just never did anything about it? That's me, wanting to plant succulents, but not having a clue where to start, not really enjoying any kind of home improvement store, and too lazy to do any research. That all changed this weekend when I received a succulent as a party favor for my bestie's baby shower (it was Jurassic Park themed, and so stinkin' cute). I couldn't very well not try to keep this thing alive. So, I texted one friend—she said they were easy to take care of, but then proceeded to tell me, google it. So, of course I got a bit more nervous. Turns out, these babies have to be potted a certain way: pebbles/rocks, Sphagnum moss, and soil required.

Apr 18, 2016

Monthly 5 | April 2016

I am completely obsessed with this month, and wish it could be like this all the time in Florida. The weather has been perfect! I was in Boca Raton this weekend for my bestie's baby shower, and I couldn't get outdoors enough! The temperature never got above 80, there was a constant cool breeze, mostly sunny skies, low humidity—I mean seriously—it was perfection!

Perfection is also how I feel about this month's round up of my five favorite things. I'm not typically a "colorful" kind of girl. My closet is neutrals based, but life has inspired me, and I need all the color in my home.

Apr 13, 2016

Chambray Shirtdress

Location || Downtown Eustis, FL

Apparently, chambray shirtdresses are very easy to style—like too easy. I struggled to decide on accessories to pair with the dress. Struggled, as in there were too many choices. Sneakers would work, wedges would work, espadrilles would work, flip flops would work, slide-ons would work, and booties. Seriously y'all, the sky is the limit with this dress.

I finally decided on these red heels for a pop of color, and I love them mixed with the blue floral print clutch that plays off the dress. Sidenote, I tried my darnedest not to wrinkle this dress in the car, but it didn't work.

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