Mar 25, 2015

Infinite SHINE

I'm not gonna sugar coat it, every time a new nail polish line comes out and claims to be "gel-like quality" without the hassle, I'm on it like white on rice. I can never seem to get a polish to last past six or seven days, so when the packaging suggests up to 10 days, it's like a gauntlet has been thrown down and I need to test it. That's exactly how it happened when I saw the Infinite Shine line from OPI at Ulta.
I was perusing through Ulta without looking for anything in particular (don't we all say this?), when I spotted a table fully devoted to the Infinite Shine line, and of course I was taken by just how many colors there are. I'm not kidding! There was a color for everyone and it was honestly hard for me to decide on a color. They had everything from spring-like mint green, to nudes, to deep gemstone colors, reds and pinks. I landed on the shade Running with the In-finite Crowd because who doesn't want a bright pink nail color in March?
Let's fast-forward to now, I've had the polish on four days and no sign of chipping or fading at the tips, which normally happens from typing on a keyboard the whole day. The top coat is just as shiny as it was when I first put it on and all around my nails still look really good. The four day mark is a good sign that OPI might actually be onto something with their Infinite Shine line.

Product Details:
OPI Infinite Shine Primer | Ulta
OPI Infinite Shine Polish Running w/ In-finite Crowd | Ulta
OPI Infinite Shine Top Coat | Ulta

Mar 24, 2015

Spring Style 101 | Old Navy

Happy Tuesday!

It's our second rainy day in central Florida and I'm kind of okay with it because it's keeping the ever growing heat index in check. The rain also means we'll have some gorgeous, blooming flowers soon!

This spring season, I am looking to add some staples to my wardrobe and white EVERYTHING! I always love white in the spring; it's so clean and new feeling.

Old Navy is rocking it with "essentials" finely tuned to spring, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you.

Scroll through to see my favorites...