Jan 8, 2013

Color Run Orlando

This past Sunday my mom, sister and I completed our first road race ever and what better way than to start off with The Color RunThe attendance number was upwards of 10,000 people who participated in the run and we covered 3.1 miles of downtown Orlando.
We were up and ready to leave at 7am and watched the sun come up on our way into Downtown.
Of course we had to ask someone to take our pre-race "clean" picture.

We had to pose with our favorite catchy signs.

We were in the 9th wave I believe and went out right at 9:40am.
The first color zone was pink and all you could see was a huge poof of pink haze awaiting you. The music was blasting and all the volunteers in the zone were armed with huge condiment looking bottles of colored corn starch. They took their aim on every runner, no one was left uncolored.
Cars left parked on the street were covered in yellow powder a few inches thick. It literally looked like it snowed yellow powder.
There were people everywhere. At no point did we have a clear path on the road. We were constantly bobbing and weaving between groups of people, but the biggest clog up was the blue zone. We literally slowed to a snail's pace to get through.
It's also where my sister fully enjoyed herself in the "Happiest 5k on the Planet". You can't not dance through the color zones.
After passing the entrance to the 408 (also closed during the race) we made it to the final color zone, orange.
It was just a quick dance through the zone and the rounding of a corner and we had the finish line in sight.

All in all, it was a blast. The race was perfectly organized from our standpoint, everyone was friendly and ready to have a good time and we left as true color runners. If The Color Run ever comes to your city, I highly recommend you do it. Everyone can at least walk 3.1 miles and it goes by so fast you don't even realize that you're exercising. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to make every walk or run colorful, but I can't imagine I'd be able to get people to stand around and throw color at me as I pass them.

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