Mar 29, 2013

DIY Desk Tray Tutorial

Lately, my desk has become quite the disaster zone; you know which kind. Random papers, number sheets for meetings, sticky notes with phone numbers and no names of people to call back (I like to keep myself guessing) and remaining cups from drinks past can all be found taking up residence on my desk when I'm having a productive day.

I started to think of a way to wrangle my chaos. A place that I could just drop everything (until it got too full) and keep the craziness contained to one area instead of my entire desk. I started to peruse blogs and Instagram photos of others to see how they kept their desks organized and clutter-free. To my surprise, a lot of people were using trays. So, I started looking and then I looked some more and then a bit more and I couldn't find a single tray I liked. So I decided to DIY it.

DIY Serving Tray
I found a plain wooden tray at Michael's in the $8 range.

To create the exact same design, use a light gray paint for the base color of the tray. I used wet cement from Martha Stewart's line of craft paint.
To get the coral color I used for the phrase, mix equal parts of white, orange and pinkish-red paints. I used wedding cake, marmalade and lovebird all from the Martha Stewart line as well.
To get started, paint a good coat of primer on the bare wood. This will help seal up the wood and save it from soaking up the gray paint too much. Let that dry and then go on to paint two coats of your gray paint, making sure to allow the allotted drying time between each coat.
 When the tray is completely dry, go ahead and mix your three remaining colors together on a paper plate like I mentioned above. Use the skinny end of a paintbrush and mix the colors together until well blended.
 Then, take your desired paintbrush and freehand paint your phrase. When you're all done, let it dry overnight and it'll be ready to use the next day.

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