Mar 30, 2013

Last Minute Easter Treats

I thought I'd share a last minute idea I had for Easter this year; peep kebobs. It was so quick and easy to put these together and thanks to Target and their Dollar Spot, it was less than $10 to get all the supplies. The most time consuming part of this entire process was the 25 other women all clogging up the aisles of the Easter section with their carts and their inability to make a decision on which Dora the Explorer pre-packaged Easter basket they wanted to purchase.

You could also set the skewers out on a platter for guests to grab and munch on these sweet treats. Enjoy and Happy Easter!

I got the shredded paper Easter grass in a natural tone and some small pails from the Dollar Section at Target

 Then whatever Reese minis I had left, I stuck them into the pails as well
The finished table setting for Easter

1 Pack of Pink Peeps
1 Pack of Yellow Bunny Peeps
2 (3 pack) of Chocolate Covered Peeps
2 bags of Mini Reese Cups
1 Pack of Bamboo Skewers
3 small tins pails
2 Bags of Easter grass

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