Apr 4, 2013

How to Organize Your Scarf Collection

If you're like me and think scarves are the next best accessory after shoes, then you probably have lots of them and not a whole bunch of space to keep them handy, yet organized at the same time. I literally had mine stuffed and exploding out of a rubbermaid container.

I mean seriously?! There was no containing that disaster area and heaven forbid I would be running late and want the scarf on the bottom. I had seen a few times on Pinterest where someone used hangers and shower curtain hooks to organize their scarves, but of course I never did anything about it because that hot mess above was working perfect for me (sarcasm). Finally, my sister said she was going to do it, so I caved and joined the scarf organizing club.
 This is literally the cheapest project I've ever completed. I already had the black plastic hangers and then I purchased the cheapest shower curtain hooks from Target ($1.19 a pack). I hooked 2 rings on the outer part of each side divider so the hanger would always be semi-balanced when hanging. Then, I snapped the remaining hooks in the middle area.
 Since I put together two hangers for this project, I dedicated one to my most worn scarves and my lighter fabric ones. The second one I hung all my heavy winter-ish scarves on. I then began looping the scarves on each hook by either color or pattern.
I freed up some space on a shelf where I no longer needed that bulky rubbermaid container and I hung my most worn and lighter scarves in one area of my closet where I'll have easy access and then I hung the heavier scarves with my sweaters, jackets etc.

Have you tried and projects you found on Pinterest lately?

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