Apr 24, 2013

Julep Maven

In typical Tuesday night fashion, I was lying in my bed in sweats and a t-shirt watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. Minding my own business you know. Then, I notice an ad (which I usually never click on) that said Julep Maven: Your First Box is Free. I read it again questioning whether it had really said free. My eyes truly were not deceiving me. Sign up was fast and easy and right up front it told you if you use the promo code: FREEBOX at checkout, your first box would be free. The monthly box is $19.99, so that's a pretty big deal to be getting it for free.

You fill out a beauty profile much like Birchbox or Glossybox and it determines what your beauty personality is, which then displays the box for that particular beauty profile for the current month. You can choose whether you want to change boxes, skip that month and add other items for $4.99 ea to your box. Julep is most known for its nail polishes, but they also offer, mascaras, lipsticks, hair products, lotions and serums.

If you're unsure about the service or just want a free box (all you pay is $3.99 for shipping). This is the easiest way to do it. You can cancel your subscription at any time as well. So, just sign up to get the free box and after it comes just cancel. I wish other beauty boxes would let you skip less than stellar months or choose a different box with different products if you want.

I'll be receiving my Classic with a Twist box in 3-5 days. I'll share with y'all when I get it!

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