Apr 17, 2013

Makeup Brush Cleaning Routine

I love makeup: experimenting with new products, bright lip colors, smokey eyes; I love all of it. Well, I take that back; I hate cleaning my makeup brushes and up until a few weeks ago I was going way too long between cleanings. It's probably the most crucial part of the whole makeup application process, however, because clean brushes means no bacteria, a smoother application and no cakey residue left in your foundation and concealer brushes (yuck).

Now, I set a reminder on my phone for every Sunday evening around 8pm to clean my brushes. I take the two cups that hold all my brushes into the bathroom and about 10 minutes later my brushes are clean and on their way to dry.

I fill up an old Bath and Body Works candle jar with about a quarter size amount of shampoo and  warm water. I wash all my face brushes first and one at a time. I make sure to use the bottom of the jar when I swish the brushes around to work all the product out.
Then, I rinse each brush under the faucet to make sure all the soap is out. I wring out each brush then set it on a dry towel.
This murky, nasty water is after one foundation brush! If the water gets really dirty looking, I'll dump it and start again with clean water and soap. For face brushes I usually dump the water about half way through. Eyeshadow brushes I can usually get through all of them with just one jar full of water.
Make sure to keep all your brushes spread out on the towel so they'll begin to dry.
Start again with clean water and more soap when it's time for your eyeshadow brushes.

Eye brushes you can clean a few at at time since they're much smaller. Just keep using the bottom of the jar as you swish the brushes around. Rinse them in a group under the faucet and add to your towel to dry.
After a bit, I start putting my clean brushes back in their respected cups and fan them out so the touch as little as possible. The next morning I have dry, clean makeup brushes.

How do you remember to clean your makeup brushes? Do you do it more often than once a week?

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