Apr 26, 2013

Recent Target Finds

Target is one of those places where I go in looking for toilet paper and walk out with a bathing suit, shoes, workout clothes and new sheets. I honestly don't know how it happens, but I know I'm not alone. There's strength in numbers girls.

I had been on the hunt for black wedges that were more summer looking and I couldn't find anything I was jumping up and down about. Then, I spotted those waylon wedges and they were exactly what I had been looking to find, plus they were on sale.

When it comes to school supplies I'm obsessively weird. I love them. These mini binders (5.5x8.5 size) with the gold polka dots were so cute I couldn't pass them up. I also got one in a navy color with gold dots. They also sell the stuff to go inside the binder like paper, calendar sheets, tabbed dividers, pocket separators. All of it. So, now my blogging ideas are organized and I'm finally making headway on my book idea. (Only sold in stores.)

Umm... sleepshirts. Whoever invented them; I love you. These Gillian O'Malley shirts aren't too long and they aren't too short, they're a looser fit and so soft. I want one in every color!

I think this Mara Mi grove candle is also only sold in stores, but it's worth a trip to the store. It's crisp, clean and spring smelling. If you've every lived where orange trees grow, it smells a lot like orange blossoms with a twist of something else. If you're allergic to orange blossoms, maybe shy away from this one. It may mess with your sinuses.

Last but not least. Target gets it right every year with their thong sandals. I still have pairs from at least four years ago that I wear all the time. I love 'em and I love these striped footbed ones with the gold accents. So cute and perfect for spring and summer!

*Target has no idea who I am. Unless of course, they count how many times I visit in a week.

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