Apr 9, 2013

Recycle Old Candle Jars

I have a love/hate relationship with spending money on candles. I love the scent and the coziness the flickering light brings to every room, but when they're burnt all the way down and won't light anymore, I really hate to throw them away. Most times they are in cute little glass jars and I can't bare to toss them out with last night's dinner.

Mind you, I don't hang on to every single glass jar from candles I've burned, I'm not a hoarder. Sometimes you just need a little glass jar to wrangle smaller items on your dresser or bathroom counter.

I realized I kept wearing the same nail polish colors over and over and instead of putting them away in my storage container I wanted a cute little jar to hold the necessities, but I didn't want to spend upwards of $10 on anything. That's when this trick comes in handy. 

 Freeze (for at least 24 hours) a candle you've burned completely down.

 What else do you have a hammer and screwdriver around for? 
 Put the screwdriver in the dried candle wax and hammer it into the wax until you feel it hit the bottom. Continue to do this until the wax starts to crack and separate.
 You should be able to bang it against the trash can a couple times to knock out some of the loosest pieces of wax and then pick out the rest. Pull out the wicks if they are still stuck to the base of the jar and then handwash. I recommend using a paper towel to scrub the remaining wax residue to keep from ruining a sponge or cloth.
 You can leave the jar plain, tie a cute ribbon on it or even use some chalkboard paint on it to write on the jar later.
I piled in my most used nail polish items and left it on my dresser. It's so much cuter than a bunch of polish bottles laying haphazardly all over the place.

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