Jun 24, 2013

BB CC DD...What?

Do you ever miss the days of walking up to the makeup counter, asking for foundation and being offered the choice between a product for dry or oily skin? Yeah, me too. Now, we've got BB, CC and DD creams, which to me, sound like bra sizes not foundations.

I've tried them all and I just wasn't that impressed with anything. I felt like the BB cream was too dewy on my already oily skin and the CC cream wasn't doing anything special for me to write about either. I had given up on finding something trendy and new to use on my skin, so I went back to my tried and true Studio Fix Fluid by MAC.

Then, my second Julep Maven box showed up this month and low and behold, another double letter abbreviated cream was in my box. I actually remember laughing as I looked at it, but it was a full size tube, so my curiosity got to me and I tried it (on a work day no less). Hands down, my favorite of all double letter creams. It has the spf, it moisturizes (although not too much), it allows for easy and buildable coverage and I actually noticed it was doing something.

The biggest sellers on the DD cream is that it's supposed to diminish the appearance of pores and fine lines, which lets be honest, it's not a face overhaul, but it does rival the work of a full coverage liquid foundation without the heaviness. With the other creams, I felt like I was applying glorified, tinted moisturizer; with the DD cream I felt like I was applying a lightweight liquid foundation. I'm still devoted to my foundation routine during the week, but I do love using the DD cream on the weekends when I'm out running errands or whatever. It's like giving my skin a break, but not looking like I'm giving my skin a break. Make sense?

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  1. I use Clinique's BB cream every day and I love it! I've really noticed an improvement in my skin texture and clarity. I also have their CC cream, but I only use it around my eyes bc the BB cream is a little too thick to spread easily. But now I'm curious about DD cream, and you're right, they do sound like cup sizes :)


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