Jun 30, 2013

June Favorites

Wow! Where did June go? Six months from now, Christmas will be over and we'll be preparing for New Years 2014. Now, that I've completely freaked you out, let's get into my June Favorites. This month was full of new and old favorites and all scream SUMMER!!!
  1. Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray: The temperature has been pushing 100 degrees with the heat index here in Florida, which means makeup has to work extra hard for me. I first started using this setting spray in college during nights out in balmy South Florida. It passed the Las Olas test and continues to keep my makeup locked in place all day. I always carry around the travel size in my purse, so I can refresh my skin with a spray when I need it.
  2. Maybelline Clean Express makeup removing wipes: These wipes are miracle workers against waterproof makeup. With the heat mentioned above, eye makeup needs to be waterproof simply to avoid mid day racoon eyes and the only way to successfully remove it end of day, is these wipes.
  3. Julep DD Cream: This was a surprise from last month's Julep Maven box. I wasn't too sure about it at first, simply because I haven't been a huge fan of any bb or cc creams. Like any curious person though, I tried it. Love this for weekends running around in and out of places ; it's also perfect for summer afternoons pool or beachside. It moisturizes and protects with SPF, it's not a heavy full coverage foundation and it smooths everything out nicely. (Color I use is Medium.)
  4. Origins Vitazing face moisturizer: My day is incomplete if this isn't on my face. It provides just the right level of moisture to quench my summer skin without being too oily. It doesn't make my skin slick as the day goes on and it's not heavy. I can't say a bad thing about it.
  5. Nars Laguna bronzer: I know, I know. This is a cult favorite, but it's for good reason. This bronzer works perfectly with my skin tone, it has only the teensiest, tiniest hint of shimmer and it contours my round face beautifully.
  6. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hr Blush "Exposed: I would go as far as to say this blush would look great on most skin tones. It's a great neutral, almost mauve shade that's perfect for those days you want to wear makeup without looking like you're wearing makeup. It'll give you a nice glow without leading people to assume you've applied blush to get the glow.
  7. Essie First Base base coat: I have to admit; for the longest time I was a complete slacker when it came to base coats and I had the yellow stained nails to prove it. About that same time, I also couldn't figure out why even my most expensive polishes were chipping within days of painting them. So, I went and picked up this Essie base coat and now even my cheaper drugstore nail polishes (Covergirl and Maybelline are my faves) last Sunday to Sunday. This stuff makes a huge difference in the longevity of my manicure and has also done a great job of protecting my nails from staining.
  8. Seche Vite top coat: Yes, I know the reviews on the chemicals in this top coat are beyond horrible (toluene can be known to cause birth defects), but from what I understand, you'd actually have to ingest the chemical to have any potential issues. So, I always make sure I'm in a well ventilated area. Moving past the negative to the positive, this top coat does work like nothing else. It provides a gel-like finish with super high shine, it smooths out your polish for an even color consistency and it keeps your manicure looking fresh all week.
  9. Essie Come Here! nail polish: Maybe it's my inner Bossy coming out, but I love this polish.  It's true to color in the bottle as it appears dry on your nails. It's my go-to summer color. I'll sometimes pair it with some glittery gold nail polish on my ring finger (like beyond cozy).
  10. Smashbox Photo Finish Lid primer: Before our San Francisco trip last month, I was looking for travel sized makeup products that wouldn't take up a ton of room. At Ulta, I found a great starter sample kit by Smashbox that included all the basics and this eyeshadow primer was in there. It's fantastic. I used it the entire trip and my eyeshadow never creased, faded or moved, which was quite impressive for 12 hour days out in the city without touch-ups.
  11. Nyx Lip-smacking Fun Colors "Haute Melon" lipstick: This is the perfect organey, reddish, coral color. The formula is amazing; it's moisturizing, which means no creasing or dry looking color. It's not overpowering at the office, which sometimes I get a little self-conscious about a bold red lip during 9-5 business hours. This color is toned down just enough, but still provides that beautiful pop of color. I also love that Ulta usually has these as part of a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off deal as well.
  12. Urban Decay Naked 2 palette: At first I didn't think this palette stacked up against the original Naked palette, but the more I've used it, the more I've grown to love it. Right now, I'm mainly using suspect all over my lid with snakebite in the outer corner for some depth and sometimes a touch of bootycall in my inner corner as a brightner.
  13. MAC Prep+Prime Skin Brightening Serum: I started using this to clear up some post acne marks I felt had been around forever (overextended their welcome if you will). I typically apply it right after my toner at night, then after letting it soak in, I'll go back over it with my normal night moisturizer. I can tell it works because my skin gets flaky in the areas I've applied it. Sounds weird, I know, but how else do you get rid of those dark spots? Gotta get down to the unmarked skin somehow right? The only downside is the flakiness, but I've found my Vitazing moisturizer in the am is enough to combat the dryness.
  14. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream: I might be a slight germiphobe, which also tends to dry out my hands. Between the washing and anti-bacterial gel, my hands can get pretty dry and not every lotion really cures the dryness; they tend to just cover it up till the next sanitizer meeting. This hand cream, however, locks in the moisture, which you can still feel even a few handwashes later. It's great. I have a thing of it at work, a travel size in my purse and I keep one next to my bed.

What products have you been loving this month?

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