Jul 11, 2013

Bookshelf Organizing

My entire life revolves around books. Since I began reading in Kindergarten (memorizing Chika Chika Boom Boom counts folks), I have been consumed by one good book after another. I knew I wanted to work closely with books as an adult, so I majored in English Literature in college and now, books are what pays my bills as an adult.

To me, a house is not a home without books and a room isn't complete until there's at least one book present. Call me a nerd, but I love sitting in bed and staring at the collection I've built over the last ten years or so of my life. We have a new and used bookstore here in town and I love sifting through the used books and finding old hardcover American Lit classics like Wuthering Heights or a different cover version of my favorite book, The Great Gatsby. It's like a treasure hunt for me.
I like mixing in personal knick knacks here and there. A tchotchke from a vacation or a seashell from a beach trip and family photos all find homes on my bookshelf. It's what personalizes the shelves and make it mine.
A year or so ago, I found the necklace display on sale at Pottery Barn for $39 and since I had been drooling over it forever, I finally purchased it. That led to the bracelet display and I still need to eventually purchase the ring display. I love how the glass dome keeps my favorite jewelry protected from dust.

The entire time I was in college, I could not find a single owl decoration piece and in the past year, they showed up everywhere. The owl was my college mascot, so it holds extra special meaning. The Capri Blue candles from Anthropologie are AMAZING! One candle can scent an entire open floor plan — no joke. I couldn't get rid of the jar when this candle burned down, so I recycled the jar and now keep perfume samples in it.

The canvas sack actually holds balsam fir pine needles and it smells like heaven. I found it in a cute little shop in Western NC where we have always vacationed as a family. The scent triggers so many happy childhood memories in the mountains and it's like a little slice of NC I get to keep with me.

I'll go ahead and admit it; I'm obsessed with paper goods. These mini journals came in a set of 3 from Target. One day they'll be useful, but for now they get to sit there and look pretty.

I will never buy another picture frame from anywhere but Homegoods. They are sooo much cheaper and they have the best selection of 4x4 frames, which fit Instagram prints perfectly.
The Boathouse Row candle from Bath & Body smells like a man fresh out of the shower. It's heaven. I usually keep it on a candle warmer, so if I accidentally forget to turn it off, it's not as bad as accidentally leaving a candle burning as I walk out the door.

Pencil cup is from Anthropologie as well as the fun polka dot pencils.

Black 4x4 frame from Target.
Yes, those are more notebooks. The pink and white chevron notebook is from Maybooks (whom I love) and the other three came in a set from Rifle Paper Co., which is local in Winter Park.

Also, that's Joey's mug as a kitten. Isn't he just the cutest thing you've ever seen? Don't judge. It's perfectly normal to have framed photos of your animals on display (I'm not a crazy cat lady, I'm not a crazy cat lady).
Somehow, I've gotten myself started on collecting all the various covers created for The Great Gatsby. So, every time I see a cover I don't have — I buy it. I keep all of Fitz's books together.
It didn't actually dawn on me till I was labeling all these photos that I kept my engraved name tag from when I worked at Seasons 52 (three years ago), but I can't bare to get rid of it.

Another picture frame from Homegoods. I picked up several on my last trip to the store and have been meaning to print Insta pics from our San Francisco trip, but haven't done it yet. So, eventually they will be filled.

I can't stand looking at movies on a shelf (but books are fine), so I keep them well hidden by other bookshelf items.

Like, my stuffed owl from Anthropologie (finding the theme here?). During holiday shopping last December, my mom spotted this small child running walking around Anthro with this owl tucked under her arm. She went on a hunt for it in the store and eventually found it, walked up to me and asked if I wanted it for Christmas. I of course said yes. So, Mr. Owl came to live with me that semi-cold December day in Florida.

The silver bear is actually one of those calendars with the blocks that you rotate around to match the day. I found him on sale last year after Christmas at West Elm. The date never gets changed, but he's cute to look at.
The mercury glass diffuser in the top left corner is from Pottery Barn. I can't remember the scent, but I have kept it sealed thus far simply because it looks pretty.

Since sea lions were not allowed on our flight home, I had to settle for the much smaller, child friendly version.

Floral notebook from Target.

Another 4x4 picture fram from Homegoods.

Reed Diffuser from Pottery Barn.

Sand Dollar from one of the beaches here in Florida.

Another balsam fir sack. I used to keep this one tucked in one of my dresser drawers, but eventually moved him out to sit on the bookshelf.

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