Jul 17, 2013

Duking It Out

With so many options on the market for applying liquid foundation, I felt like I needed to try them all out. I really don't like applying foundation with my fingers, I feel like I end up using way too much product and it just never feels even on my skin. For a long time I had used a MAC 190 brush and it was fine, but I didn't like that I felt like I was painting my face and it took forever to smooth out the brush strokes when I used it.

So, about two months ago I went back to MAC to upgrade to the MAC 187 brush because the artist helping me decide pointed out that this is a great multi-tasking brush. Even if I'm not using this brush for foundation, I can use it for bronzer, blush or face powder (obviously not all at the same time). She was right; I love this brush. It blends my foundation out perfectly. I don't have any brush strokes, it's a lot easier to keep clean than the 190 paddle shaped brush and overall it gives me a nice, clean application.

At this point I was so in love with my new stipling brush that I was kind neglecting my beauty blender for full face application, but I was still using it as my preferred method for applying concealer beneath my eyes.

Then, I purchased Benefit's new primer and due to it's glue-like qualities (sounds gross, but it's what keeps your makeup looking fresh all day) I kept getting stray brush hairs stuck on my face. The primer is quite tacky before it dries, so as you are blending your foundation on your face, any loose hairs in the brush tend to stick to your face and well, stay there until you're just about to run out of patience and miraculously it decides to give in and let you win. I was tired of fussing with it on a daily basis, so I went back to my beauty blender and I haven't had a problem since. The beauty blender gives such a nice airbrushed effect and no brush hairs to stick to your face.

Either way you go, brush or beauty blender, you can't go wrong. With the beauty blender I highly recommend washing after every use to get the maximum life out of the sponge (usually 3-4 months). When it's time to replace your beauty blender, you can mail the old one back to the company and they'll recycle it for you (beauty blenders are non-disposable).

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