Jul 16, 2013

Favorite Perfumes

My favorite fragrances are kind of all over the place in notes. I wouldn't say I only like floral or citrus or spicy scented perfumes. I like each for different times of the year or day/night. To me, perfume is the final touch before walking out the door and I love that scents I wear can give me flashbacks to a great memory or place I've been.

  1. Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo is my current everyday favorite. It has some spicier notes, but it's not overwhelming for day or at the office. It's spicy enough for a night out as well though. It's just a great blend of Tiger Orchid, Toffee and Patchouli.
  2. Juicy Couture Juicy Couture is a long time favorite of mine. I started wearing it my senior year of college and have continued to wear it since then. I feel like it was my first "grown up" perfume without being over the top. By grown up I mean, it's not sugary sweet, it's not a sheer citrusy scent; it's just an age appropriate scent for 20 somethings.
  3. Lady Gaga Fame is the one perfume I thought I was going to hate and ended up really loving. There's something about celebrity fragrances that I just naturally want to hate. I don't know why that is, but it's true. So, I went into Ulta to sniff this "first black liquid perfume" and I walked out with the large bottle. The belladonna and jasmine notes in this perfume is what really grabbed my attention. I don't really like floral scents, especially the very strong floral fragrances, but this one smells like a summer evening at twilight in a garden.
  4. Kate Walsh Boyfriend is another celebrity fragrance I was on the fence about before smelling it at Sephora. "She inhales his shirt, taking in the scent of the man she loves. It lingers on her clothes, her sheets, her hair—all over. Imprinted on her body and in her mind, it radiates within her, filling her with feelings of warmth and desire." It smells exactly like your favorite man and the scent that lingers on your shirt after snuggling up against him. It's a bit spicier, so I really enjoy this for Fall and Winter.
  5. Lush Tuca Tuca  is probably the most floral scent I own. I always keep this one in my purse for touch ups because it's a solid stick. So, I don't have to worry about it leaking, the bottle breaking or anything that could instantly soak my favorite purse in perfume. This is a great date night scent. It's floral and feminine, but it's not too overwhelming for the man in your life.

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