Jul 5, 2013

Julep Maven Review

I signed up for the Julep Maven box on a complete whim one day. I was watching something on Youtube and saw an ad pop up on the side that said First Julep Maven Box Free and then a promo code. Until that point, I had never even heard of Julep Maven. So, I went out to the website to check it out.
Normally, the box is $19.00 a month and you get two full size nail polishes and an extra each month. That first month, however, was free and you could cancel any time after it shipped. Well, I kind of forgot, so the next box showed up last month. Then, I kind of forgot again, so my July box just showed up. 

This new box came with a pack of 40 Facial blotting papers, which is great for the Summer, Summer, Summertime in Florida. (Anyone catch the Will Smith reference?) I'm looking forward to trying this out. The blotting wipes are a God-send for those gross, sticky days where you can just feel everything sliding off your face (lovely image, I know).
I also received two nail polishes Alaina and Cassie; plus a Body Tonic, which I guess is a dry oil for the body. The instructions say to spritz it on your skin after getting out of the shower. I'll give it one thing, it smells amazing!
top to bottom: Alaina  and Cassie
Yes, I went ahead and painted my nails with Alaina, which turned out to be a grayish purple color.

All in all, it's a great monthly box subscription if you are a diehard nail polish fan and change your polish as often as you change your wardrobe. Eventually, I'll get to the point where I've received enough nail polishes and I'll call it quits; the beauty extras have been so great though, it'll be hard to say goodbye to those.

If you aren't into nail polish in every color of the rainbow, this really isn't the monthly subscription for you.

On the other side, if you consider nail polish an extension of your personality and change it with every mood, this might be a great option for you. You fill out a beauty profile much like any other monthly box, which places you into a category. My beauty profile has me listed as Classic with a Twist. So, I get some of the timeless colors with a bit of an edge (sometimes). You can skip a particular month if you aren't feeling it or you can go online and look at the selections in the other beauty categories and actually pick a different box if you want. Each nail polish is full size and you always get a full size beauty extra each month (sometimes two, like my box above).

If you refer friends, you get points, which you can use toward shopping in the Maven store. They also offer 50% off the color of your choice when you fill out your beauty profile.

Also, to give you a better idea of what each month looks like, here are my past boxes.

 May Box
June Box
July Box (current)

Check out their website for more information if you're interested: Julep Maven

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