Jul 29, 2013

Morning Skincare Routine

Makeup is great, but having good skin is what's most important. Your makeup can only be as good as the skin you put it on. In the morning, it's important to clean your skin and prep it for makeup. I don't like to spend a ton of time on my face in the morning because I'm either running late already or my hair is completely whacked out and I need to spend a bit more time taming that than my face.

To start, I use about a dime size of my favorite moisturizer Origins Zero Oil Cleanser on my Clarisonic, which I buff on my face for the allotted minute. Then, I use the Origins Zero Oil Toner to get any remaining dirt off my face.

After my face is clean, I use my favorite eye cream, Origins Ginzing Eye Cream, and moisturizer Origins Vitazing. That's it. The only thing left is applying my makeup and getting out the door as close as I possibly can to the time I need to leave in order to get to the office on time.
Products Mentioned:
Origins Zero Oil Cleanser
Clarisonic Mia
Origins Zero Oil Toner
Origins Ginzing Eye Cream
Origins Vitazing Moisturizer

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