Jul 1, 2013

Sephora & Ulta Haul

Ever have one of those days (or weeks) where life is moving so fast, you hardly have time to grab something tangible to brace yourself? That's kind of how I felt this week, so I felt I deserved a bit of a retail therapy session. I picked up some things I had run out of, replaced some other things I hadn't been knocked out about and then of course some fun newbies. I love Ulta and Sephora, but I'm really wishing they would get together and make a baby, which would be a super store with every product line available in one spot (hint hint).
In clockwise motion:
New: Biolage Keratindose Shampoo: I have been waiting patiently forever for Biolage to come out with a keratin treated hair friendly product because I love everything by their company. It's sulfate, paraben and salt free, which is why it's great for keratin treated hair, but it's also great for dry, over processed hair.
Kenra Volume 25 Hairspray: I have heard people rave about this hairspray for years and finally picked up a bottle to try. I was getting down to the bottom of my last bottle of the Matrix finishing spray and figured now was a good time to try something new. I do love the smell of the Kenra hairspray; it's like gardenias!
New: Biolage Keratindose Conditioner: While grabbing the keratindose shampoo, I also went ahead and picked up the conditioner. There was a conditioning spray in the collection too, but the full size was sold out...
New: Biolage Keratindose Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray: ...Which is why, I was so excited when the girl ringing me out threw a free travel size of it into my bag. It's just a leave-in conditioner spray, so I'm looking forward to trying it. Especially since the full size is larger than the It's a 10 leave-in I'm currently using and cheaper.
Nyx Eros Lipstick: My favorite red lipstick of the moment. It's the perfect color for my skin tone. It's not too orange; it's not too pink. It's absolutely perfect!
Tarte  Glamazon Pure Performance 12 Hour Lipstick in Fierce: I have swatched this color so many times during trips to Ulta, but always put it back due to the $26 price tag, but I was feeling it on this haul; I just couldn't figure out the color I wanted. They all had such great color pay off and in the most gorgeous colors! I finally settled on fierce (maybe because I needed to feel more fierce this week). I'm not sure it's truly lasts 12 hours without looking worn, but it definitely wears very well.
Nyx Haute Melon Lipstick: Hands down, my favorite orange, but not orange lipstick. I love wearing this color in the summer. It's not too harsh for the office and it works with a neutral, lightly lined eye. The formula of these lipsticks is right on the money too. I just love them.
It's a 10 Miracle Oil with Keratin: This stuff is my saving grace. It helps lock the keratin in my hair and keep it nourished. I also love that I can tell it extends the life of my keratin treatments. I always do the four month treatments and with this product, I can literally go right up to the four months before needing another appointment. It's awesome!
Then, because one beauty haul wasn't enough, I found myself in Sephora. The main reason behind the trip was because I had been wanting to try the MUFE Mat Velvet + foundation, but it's like Target, you can't walk in and get just one thing.
Clockwise again:
Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer: I had looked for this at Ulta, but they didn't have it in stock yet, so I was happily surprised to see it at Sephora. I can't wait to give this product a try. What's so intriguing about it is that it's a stick formulation. So, you apply it to your face, but then, instead of rubbing it in, you apply your foundation directly over the primer and then blend in to your skin together.
Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + Foundation: I have heard people rave about this foundation and I have become more and more curious about how it stacks up against my tried and true Studio Fix from MAC. I'm looking forward to trying this out with the new Benefit primer.
Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner in Deep Black: I am obsessed with this eyeliner. It is the absolute, most amazing gel liner I've ever used. It holds up against the hot and muggy summer weather here in Florida, which is exactly what I was looking for.

I can't wait to try all these new products and report back on whether I love them or left them behind.

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