Jul 12, 2013

Set It and Forget It

Makeup setting sprays aren't just for special occasions anymore. They are for long days, even longer nights out with friends, sultry and humid summer days and even freezing cold days in the snow. It's also a cinch to do right before you walk out the door in the morning – much like a spritz of perfume.

While I whine and complain about the scorching summer months here in Florida, it's also the best time to test drive my makeup and find out what's really working and what's not cutting it. I love the Urban Decay All Nighter spray for any time of the day. As soon as I finish my makeup in the morning, I do four spritzes over my whole face. Then, I open my eyes, look straight ahead for a couple seconds (to avoid black marks on my cheeks from wet mascara) and fan my face. The setting spray smooths out my makeup, locks in both liquid and powder products and when I say nothing moves. I mean nothing moves for the entire day.

I first purchased this product back in college when we were doing late nights out in Fort Lauderdale. My hair may have been windblown and on the verge of being frizzy, but my makeup still looked like it had just been applied and I never had to touch up (except lipgloss). That's a major challenge and a huge win for a product.

I know you can find the Urban Decay face setting sprays in travel sizes at Sephora and Ulta. They are great to pack on a trip when you know you're going to be out of the hotel most of the day and don't want to seem like a prima donna touching up your makeup all day long.

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