Jul 18, 2013

Summer Moisturizers

Let's face it. Our skin needs different things at different times of the year. Here in Florida that is especially true. The temperature couldn't be more polar opposite than winter and summer, which can take a huge toll on your skin if you aren't using the right products. I've also realized that I need to use different products at different times of the day to achieve the perfect balance for my skin. Florida summers are no time for thick and heavy emollient creams or anything too greasy. We experience 100% humidity here throughout the summer and when that mixes with a super heavy face cream, you can kiss your makeup goodbye come lunch time.

That being said, I've definitely learned to taylor my moisturizer routine to not only what my skin needs, but the conditions around me as well. In the morning I start with Origins Ginzing Eye Cream and dab it on from inner corner to outer corner and down to the tops of my cheekbones. Then, I squeeze about a dime size amount of Origins Vitazing moisturizer on one index finger, then dab with my other index finger to evenly distribute the product. I focus mainly on applying the product to my cheeks only. Then, I'll spread whatever is left over around my face to smooth everything out. From there I move onto face primer.

During the day, I'm focusing less on moisturizing my face and more on making sure I have a smooth canvas to apply my foundation. This is critical during the summer months because your foundation needs something to stick to that isn't your face. When you combine liquid foundation with hot weather and pores, you're in for a mess. A thin layer of moisturizer and primer acts as a barrier for your face and aids in a flawless application of foundation. Also, makeup setting spray is a lifesaver in humid locations. It locks everything in place after you've done your makeup and keeps you from feeling like your face makeup is melting.

On the other hand, my night routine is much different. I always make sure to use a moisturizing eye makeup remover. This helps avoid drying out the eye area too much. At night I'm focusing more on moisturizing my skin, which may sound strange since I tend to have oily/combination skin, but I've found the more moisture I put on my face at night, the less my skin thinks it needs to create oil. Thus, leaving me with perfectly balanced skin the next morning when I wake up. I have been using the Jose Maran Argan Oil for a solid three months now and I absolutely love it, but it's a night time only product. I'll drop two or three drops in the palm of my hand, rub together to distribute evenly and then I'll rub it all over my face until it's blended in. After that, I follow up with Origins A Perfect World eye cream, which I feel like I slather on, but I'd rather do that and stave off wrinkles as long as possible.

If you have super oily skin look into gel moisturizers for your daytime moisturizer or if you have a great primer that you use daily you might be able to skip moisturizing in the morning all together (I'd still recommend an eye cream). Also, give my method a try at night by using an oil to trick your skin into generating less oil. It sounds crazy, but it has definitely worked for me.

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