Jul 19, 2013

Take It All Off

There's something to be said about taking all your makeup off at the end of the day. It's about as freeing as, I don't know, taking off your bra soon after walking in the door from a long day at work. It should be easy. A few swipes and you should be sans makeup. Unfortunately, a few usually means 10 cotton balls and that's just to get you to the raccoon eye stage.

In the Florida heat, waterproof products are used as "sweatproof" products. To avoid looking like I was punched in both eyes all day long, I have to use waterproof gel liner and mascara, which also means I spend a lot of time trying to remove it with water at night. I've tried every trick and what feels like every product and just recently I've finally found some products that do the trick.

  1. Korres: Milk Proteins Cleansing and Makeup Removing Wipes: These are on the top of my list. These wipes are so gentle, I've never had any kind of irritation when using them to remove my eye makeup. Some wipes tends to be kind of harsh for the eye area and can sting or cause redness, which I've never understood because the purpose of them is to remove eye makeup. These wipes have a fresh, clean smell and they really work to remove even the most stubborn of waterproof products.
  2. Maybelline Clean Express Wipes: These are my second favorite all around, but my top favorite drugstore brand. These babies work so well that I can use one wipe for my entire face. I also like to use them after running to immediately get the sweat off my skin; plus the coolness of the wipe is refreshing in this awful summer heat.
  3. Vichy One Step Cleanser: Supposedly, this product is a makeup remover, cleanser and toner all in one cream product. It requires no water and is probably the gentlest formula of all the ones I've tried. It can hold its own against waterproof mascara, but I really like using this product during the winter months because it's so nourishing. It doesn't feel like it's stripping the natural oils from my face, but feels like it's removing only what's necessary and maybe even putting something essential back.
  4. Maybelline Clean Express Liquid: This is going to sound weird, but sometimes I feel lazy using a makeup wipe. Years ago when they first came out, wipes were treated as a way to skip washing your face. The lazy girl's guide to skip a skin care routine, if you will. So, sometimes I go back to the liquid remover that you shake up and use with a cottonball. It works just like the wipes, but some of us just aren't face wipe kind of girls.
  5. MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover: This one is my least favorite of my favorites. It's pretty pricey and if you don't completely soak the cottonball it doesn't always get the waterproof products off with a swipe. It is, however, the only travel sized makeup remover that doesn't leak and I don't ever need to pack a 30 face wipe pack for a trip. So, this one does require a little extra effort than the rest of my favorites, but it still works hard enough to earn a spot on my list.
An extra tip: If you use the makeup removing wipes and find that the top one isn't always as moist as you'd hope, store the bag upside down, so the opening is face down. This keeps the moisture on the next wipe you'll use instead of the last one of the package.

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