Jul 30, 2013

The Evening Routine

If there's anything as important as a morning skincare routine, it's an evening skincare routine. I really enjoy taking off all the makeup I've had on my face and the process is so pampering and relaxing. I'll crank up Pandora on my iPad and and enjoy my ME time. My evening routine is more about rejuvenating my skin and helping to keep it as young looking as possible for as long as possible.

I use the same cleanser with my Clarisonic as I do in my morning routine and follow that with the same toner. Some nights (usually every other night) I'll use an exfoliator to buff off all the dead skin, clean all the grit out of my pores and smooth out my skin. Once a week I'll use a face mask, but there are nights I go straight from toner to moisturizer.

If I have any blemishes I need to treat, I'll do that before I moisturize, that way the treatment soaks in and doesn't have to break through the moistuzier. After that, I follow the the Josie Maran Argan Oil, which is my absolute favorite. I was gun shy for a long time about using oil on my face since I'm naturally oily enough, but the fact is, the more oil you put on your face, the less oil your skin thinks it needs to produce. I top the oil with Origins Zero Oil moisturizer and Origins Perfect World eye cream (forgot to include below).
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Clarisonic Mia (in turquoise)

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