Aug 6, 2013

5 Beauty Items I Can't Live Without

We all have those beauty items that we just can't live without. I often ask myself, If you were only able to use a certain amount of products to make yourself look pulled together what would they be? Let's be honest; these five items only cover the face (makeup) sector of my beauty regiment.

I could use these and still look pulled together enough to venture out into civilization. (1) Mascara is a must for pulling a look together. It opens your eyes up and really defines your lashes so they can be seen. (2) Brow gel is also a must for me; it sets my brows in place, so knowing that they aren't going to move around during the day is one less thing to worry about. (3) A lipgloss or lipstick is a must, but since I'm only choosing five products, a "do all" is needed. That's where Rimmel's new Show Off  lip lacquers come in handy. It applies like a gloss, but finishes with the color and staying power of a lipstick. (4) Tweezers. These are a given. (5) Conceal for under eye area and face. I usually have very clear, even skin, so if I really needed to, I could get away with just concealing dark circles under my eyes and any discoloration with this concealer and be able to walk out the door.

As for me actually using only these products and walking out the door; yeah there's probably a slim to none chance of that happening.

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  1. Mascara and chapstick would be my two! I look/feel dead without either, haha :)


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