Aug 30, 2013

August Favorites

I won't even say, "Where did the month go?" because I always say it. (See how I did that?) Instead, we'll jump right into the items I've been loving this month. It's kind of a small group this month and a bit more random, but I digress.
This month I seemed to have really enjoyed skincare and hair products with a few extras thrown in there. I also discovered with one favorite, that by switching up how I used it, I was actually more satisfied with it and finally bumped it up into my favorites.
If you don't know it already, I'm obsessed with Origins skincare. Except for my Josie Maran Argan oil, the rest of my skincare products come from Origins and nowhere else. Speaking of Josie Maran, I have been in love with the original Argan oil, but picked up the new "light" version of the oil last month when it first came out and I think I love it even more. I already have oily skin, so the light version is even better for me. It sinks into my skin much easier and provides just the right amount of oil.

I've been using the remainder of my original formula on dry areas that aren't on my face. If you have oily skin and think, "there's no way I'm putting oil on my face, that's crazy," I wrote on it briefly in this post and I promise you—it actually works wonders in balancing your oil production.

The Korres lip butter is amazing. I picked up the mango flavor and it's uuuhh-mazing. The one and only thing I hate about it, which I've rectified by using a lip brush, is that you dip your finger into the pot and then apply it to your lips and with the color tint of the lip butter, it's just kind of an inconvenience. So, I've just been keeping it at home and using a lip brush with it.
That contraption there on the left is the Amika straightening comb. Somehow, this little guy allows me to straighten my hair so that even my ends are stick straight (usually they curl under a little bit without it) and it keeps me from burning my fingers on "too hot" hair after it's come out of the straightener. Kind of a strange item, but I love it.

12 Benefits is a fantastic leave-in product that does wonders for your hair. They call it the "instant healthy hair treatment" and it absolutely works instantly. If you're a fan of instant gratification, this is the product for you. After I blowdry my hair, it is so soft and luscious and it's all because of this product. How do I know? Because I actually ran out of it for about two weeks and noticed quickly just how much this leave-in helps treat my hair. I'll never live without it again.

After I spray on the 12 Benefits spray and comb through the tangles, I then apply the It's a 10 miracle oil with keratin just to the ends of my hair. It helps seal the cuticle and by doing it every time I wash my hair, I've noticed a huge difference with it comes to split ends. They are almost non-existent.

Last hair product, the Oscar Blandi texture and volume spray. I can't tease my hair to save my life, but this dry spray does all the hard work for me without all the knots. It provides instant volume and all I do is lift sections of hair and spray as I let the section fall in pieces, then I do a quick scrunch or two on the area and I'm done.
The MAC 167SE brush is the product that wasn't really a favorite of mine until I started using it with my blush instead of my bronzer. Once I made that switch, I love it so much more.

Finally! Rimmel released what is called in Europe the "Apocolips" and here in the U.S. is referred to as the "Show off". Same thing, different name. Anyway, it's a lip laquer that applies like a gloss, but wears like a lipstick. The colors are fantastic and for like $5 each, they are muy bueno.
The Jimmy Choo smells so good. I bought the smaller bottle, but it's almost gone after a few months, so next time I'm definitely springing for the large bottle. I wear it almost every single day.

If you have never smelled or owned a fall candle from Bath & Body Works you are either living under a rock or completely crazy. I always tell myself that as soon as September 1st rolls around that I can burn my fall candles. This year, I caved and started early. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Leaves are my hands down favorite fall scents, but this year I picked up Cider Lane and Autumn Day, which I can no longer live without either.

Last, if you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you've probably seen me obsessing over the San Francisco line of polishes from OPI. After spending over a week there a few months back, I am completely in love with the city and everything it has to offer. So, naturally I became obsessed over the clever names of each nail polish in the collection. When I was in high school, I always thought about what a cool job it would be to come up with names for the OPI polishes. Okay, I still think it's a cool job. Anyway, I've been wearing Incognito in Sausalito for a while and love the inky dark blue color. It's a great color to transition from the end of summer into fall.
1. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle - Bath & Body Works; 2. Straightening comb - Amika; 3. Ginzing moisturizer - Origins; 4. Oil-free Night-a-mins - Origins; 5. Lip butter "mango" - Korres; 6. "Incognito in Sausalito" - OPI; 7. Argan Oil "Light" - Josie Maran; 8. 167SE brush - MAC; 9. "Jimmy Choo" - Jimmy Choo; 10. "Instant Healthy Hair Treatment" - 12 Benefits; 11. Miracle Oil w/ Keratin - It's a 10; 12. Texture & Volume Spray - Oscar Blandi; 13. Clear Improvement Mask - Origins; 14. Show-off in "Stellar", "Apocalyptic" and "Big Bang" - Rimmel

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