Aug 16, 2013

The Day I Quit Birchbox

I remember it like it was yesterday. The day was unlike any other; it was cold and dreary and I just couldn't handle another sub par neon pink box showing up in my mailbox...
Just kidding. I had been toying with canceling my Birchbox subscription for a while, but found myself saying, just give it one more month and maybe it'll be better. I did that for probably three months and then after this month's August box, I finally pulled the plug the same day I received the box in the mail. 

Don't get me wrong; Birchbox as a company is awesome. I love the concept, I love the store and the ability to earn and use points and they're great about sending frequent offers for free shipping. I just found that I was getting the same types of products over and over and over again and the brands were becoming more and more obscure. When I first subscribed, I was getting full size Stila liquid eye liners and Urban Decay products. I was getting to try all the products from my favorite brands for $10 a month, which helped me avoid the risk of buying something I hated.

Then, this month I received a gel liner from a company I've never heard of, two single use packs of a mattifying gel, a hair product, a single use deodorant wipe and an exfoliating body scrub. By far the worst box I've gotten in over the year I've been subscribed.

I'll shoulder some blame. I could've gone in and re-adjusted my beauty profile, but I feared that I would then get products I would never dream of using from obscure companies I had never heard of, so instead I played it safe and left my profile set as it was.

I've been kicking around subscribing to Glossybox again, but I think for now I'm going to give beauty boxes a rest and see if I really miss it or not.

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