Sep 4, 2013


It's hard to picture myself as a twenty-seven year old. As a kid, I always thought anyone over the age of twenty-three was old as dirt. Now, I of course no longer think that because it would make me older than dirt at this age. Maybe lucky number seven will bring me some good luck this year (I'd take a Powerball win).

I do love that my birthday always  falls right around Labor Day weekend, so I always get more time to celebrate and take a quick trip somewhere. This year, we headed up to Jacksonville and St. Augustine for some shopping and those Labor Day outlet sales.

While in Jacksonville, our attention was drawn to the window display at Lush. I am a Lushie, and proud to admit it. I love that their products are all natural, never tested on animals at any part during the process and they are always fighting against a social issue that needs attention. Right now, the social issue is bullying and Lush is running a campaign to completely erase bullying.

While, I don't remember truly being bullied while in school, I can say I've dealt with it a lot more as an adult and have become more aware of just how mean hearted the human race can be. Just before we walked up to the window, a little girl had crossed out the word "loser" because she had been called that before. I've seen how mean adults are on Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram. They say whatever they want sitting behind a computer screen or from their phone and they don't realize just how hurtful those words can be. I cringe when I see those comments and pray they don't have children because we all know children learn by example.

If you want to learn more here's the Erase Bullying Link.
 All three of us crossed out a word or phrase that expressed a form of bullying we've dealt with in the past or something we simply wouldn't stand for. I've found lately, that as a young female I deal with sexism a lot. Most recently, at the car dealership a few weeks ago. (Another story for another time.) So, I chose to cross out "sexism".
 The clouds started to roll in and there were a few rumbles of thunder, so we decided to call it quits on the shopping and went to J. Alexanders for an early birthday dinner. J.'s seriously never disappoints. I love their food, their service is fantastic and they brought me a warm carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for my birthday dessert and it was AMAZING!
We stayed in Jacksonville Saturday night and woke up the next morning to get down to St. Augustine for breakfast and of course, more shopping. I found this "heart" shape on one of the side alleys.
 We of course had to do a family selfie by the water.
Labor Day, was my actual birthday. So, we woke up real early (I mean 6am early) to get out to the "Old Spanish Sugar Mill Griddle House" at Deleon Springs for birthday breakfast. We hadn't been there for years and I was just wanting to do something a bit different. They bring out the pancake batter and you actually make your own pancakes and french toast on a griddle in front of you.

We are master pancake and french toast makers.
Here's a quick Instagram video I took of Deleon Springs after breakfast. Don't mind the kid spinning in circles, he doesn't fall in the water at the end.

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