Sep 16, 2013

Fall Style

Fall is by far my absolute favorite season of the year. I love the clothes, the weather, the scents of the season and everything else associated with Autumn. This year, I'm really looking forward to wearing a few new staples I've recently added to my closet and coordinating them all together. Fall clothing to me is defined as simplistic. Everything is so "throw on friendly" and ready to wear. With that though, I do love to include a staple jewelry piece to add just a hint of glam to the look. For instance, that chunky necklace from J. Crew looks great peeking out between the collar of the light blue J.Crew Factory shirt I just bought.

The cognac flats are from Target and look great with the dark wash denim. When it gets a bit colder (I do live in Florida) and an extra layer of clothing and a shoe switch out is required—that necklace is still going to fit perfectly with the outfit.

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