Sep 19, 2013

Fall, Where Are You?

The official start of Autumn is exactly three days away and here in sunny Florida that means nothing more than an annotation on my Kate Spade calendar. Sure, the stores are full of outerwear, boots and the newest must have denims of the season. The only people buying said items though, are tourists. Seriously, you should've seen the checkout line at the Gap outlet here in Orlando over the weekend. Those sweatshirts everyone owned back in the 90s with the "GAP" logo across the front (the ones the store doesn't even sell anymore) were being plucked up in every color. One woman had at least six thrown over her arm. As for us locals—sweatshirts aren't even on our radars yet.

I drink my PSL from Starbucks in shorts and a loose t-shirt with flip flops on my feet, which display my darker fall inspired pedicure. Before ordering I always debate if I should just order it iced; it's just too hot outside to enjoy a piping hot latte. It wouldn't be a pumpkin spice latte, however, if I ordered it iced. So, against my better judgment I go with the hot version. Five minutes later, I'm perspiring more than usual because the hot beverage is making me even hotter than the 90 degree weather. Why do I do it? Because it's supposed to be fall-like already. Oh, and thanks Starbucks for releasing it like a month early. That doesn't mess with my psyche at all. 

My fall attire consists of the same clothing pieces I wore all summer; the only difference is I no longer sweat when I wear them. While the rest of the U.S. begins layering tops to keep warm against the cool fall mornings, I'm barely comfortable in a three-quarter sleeve shirt and jeans (still with sandals, I should remind you). If I get up really early, I can enjoy the 76 degree temperature before it switches to 83 degrees by 8 a.m.

Do I burn my fall scented candles from Bath & Body Works? Of course I do, but it's with an underlying annoyance as I sip my weekend morning cup of coffee and watch the thermometer outside gradually make it's way to another 89 degree day.

So, I have one question for you fall. Where are you?


  1. Perfect put! Slowly but surely getting cooler out. Or maybe just more dry than humid!

    1. I think we're just losing some humidity. Although, it was 75 on the way to work this morning. :)

  2. There is supposedly a cold front in Florida today and tomorrow. Meaning it will be 87 instead 89. LOL Fall is my favorite time of year though so I will rock the boots even though I'm dying of heat.


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