Oct 22, 2013

Attitude is Everything

I really struggle (I mean really struggle) coming off of a vacation and heading back into the office. If I could be a self-made millionaire, I'd be very good at living the life of permanent vacation. Alas, I haven't found a Sugar Daddy yet nor have I won the lottery, so that's simply not a reality. I found myself getting irritated as Sunday wore on. The airport was a disaster. Only one elevator shaft in the parking garage was working and it was full every time it came to our level, so we angrily carried our luggage up a flight of stairs to get to the crosswalk. Then, we were met by a mile long line at the check-in counter and lots of disorganized travelers with bags over the weight limit. Instead of accepting defeat and paying the overage cost, they all stood there trying to move things around to get under the limit. Patience is not a virtue I possess and at this point I was nearly at the edge.
Next came the huge line at security. Have you ever been at a theme park and standing in line for a ride when they come out to adjust the line? You know what I'm talking about; an attendant comes over and opens up another section of the line that wasn't there before. Well, that's what happened while we were in the security line. It's there, we met more amateur flyers. Their liquids were still in their bags, jackets still on their backs, shoes still on their feet and items still in their pockets. I understand, it's a bit tense in the security line. I always feel like I'm doing something wrong or have a liquid item shoved somewhere that I didn't even know existed. The difference here is, they had an agent every so often making an announcement about the things travelers should be doing to be prepared to go through security seamlessly. At this point, I've completely lost any sign of patience I once had.

It wasn't till I was seated on the plane (without air conditioning mind you) that it dawned on me; I couldn't control my surroundings: the elevator, luggage up the stairs, unconscientious travelers, lines of people and lack of air conditioning on a plane full of people, but I could control my attitude toward the whole situation. I should've just laughed it off and chalked it up to a crazy travel story, but I was too busy at the time being annoyed.

Long story short, your attitude toward anything can make or break the situation. So, you might as well laugh and enjoy it—where ever you may be.

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