Oct 30, 2013

Closet Chat: Putting Together an Effortless Outfit

Effortless is probably the best word I could use to describe the inhabitants of my closet. I like to be able to piece things together for multiple wears and endless options. I tend to buy neutral colors on staple items and then mix in color here and there (if I mix in color at all). Graphic Ts are great for effortless looks and can look casual or can be spruced up a bit more for date night. The three I've picked below are all neutral colored, so they'll work great with anything.

Next, with the weather changing, a cardigan is great to layer over the graphic T. Any of the cardigan options will go with any of the shirts above. I personally love the purple cardigan with the bulldog T above.

A statement necklace is another key item that can dress up a graphic T. A longer necklace with a pendant hanging like the first and third option are great for keeping the outfit casual, while the chunkier necklaces will help dress it up; then again, I'd wear the chunky necklaces any time of the day.

The pants are again, effortless. Throw on some skinny jeans, black leggings or shake things up a bit with faux leather leggings. No matter what shirt and cardigan combo you choose, any pants option will work great.

Shoes are the last item on the list to complete an effortless look. A cute bootie, riding boot or leopard flat will round out your outfit. After all, leopard is now a neutral... or so I've heard.

Piecing outfits together with what you've got in your closet can be very easy if you've got the right pieces. Like I said above, I am a neutrals shopping kind of gal. I have more white, gray, navy, black and plum in my closet than anything else, which makes it easy to put outfits together in the morning without a whole lot of work.

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