Oct 4, 2013


It's Friday, Friday...

Anyone hate that song as much as I do, but secretly sing it in your head the entire commute to work on Friday mornings? Yeah, me neither. If you had a bad week, I'm sorry in advance; mine was actually pretty fantastic. I expected nothing less from the semi-first week of October. It's finally "fall" even though the temperatures don't quite reflect that here yet in the Sunshine State (more on that a few pictures down). Here's the five things that hit the top of the list for me this week.

1. I ordered this pumpkin sugar cookie from Starbucks on Tuesday to celebrate October 1st. I'm not going to lie, it was probably one of the best cookies I've ever put in my mouth. Ever. If you see this cookie at your Starbucks order it. If it's the last one in the case, don't let the little girl and her mom go in front of you because she will take it from you and you'll be sad you missed out on this fantastic cookie.
2. When I leave for work in the mornings, the temperature is actually in the low 70s and hardly any humidity. I love the first feelings of fall in the air.
3. Monday and Tuesday night my Mom and I went to watch my sister's volleyball team play (she's the assistant coach) at my old high school. It's so nice to leave work 45 minutes early to get to the gym in time for the game. While it's hard to sit in the stands and watch them play instead of being on the court myself, there's something so peaceful about being back in a place where I've always been so comfortable. It's like having comfort food for dinner.
4. Wednesday night was sister bonding night. I tried the new blackberry patron margarita at Chili's and it was so amazing. I'll definitely be going back as soon as possible to order another one. It's always nice spending sister time together and talking about things we can't talk to anyone else about without them thinking we're crazy and looking at us like we have three eyes.
5. The last thing that really put this week over the top was yesterday morning. I was running a tad late for work, but decided I needed an iced latte anyway. So, I pulled into the drive-thru at our new Starbucks in town to get one to go. There were two cars ahead of me. I ordered like normal, waited a bit and then finally pulled up to the window. I had my Starbucks card open on my phone (Passbook is fantastic by the way) to pay for my drink and the cashier tells me the girl ahead of me paid for my order. I was so taken aback. People don't just do generous things for random strangers anymore or at least it feels so rare because people are too busy being mean. I asked the cashier, "why did she do that?" And she told me the woman in front of her had paid for her drink, so she wanted to pay for mine. I of course then passed the kindness onto the woman behind me. As I came back around the back of the Starbucks, the line had grown quite a bit. My only hope was that the random act of kindness that was started by one woman this morning had made its way through the entire line. While it wasn't a huge contribution to the world as a whole, that random act of kindness made my entire day and the fact that I may have had the same affect on the woman behind me is what makes this world a better place to live. If we each did one random act of kindness for one stranger and they passed it on we'd have a lot more love going around than hate.

Hope y'all had just as great of a week as I did and if you've ever had a complete stranger bestow a random act of kindness on you, I'd love to hear about it!

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