Oct 29, 2013

Last Minute Halloween Costume

If you're anything like me, you hate coming up with a clever costume almost as much as you hate wearing a costume. For some reason I always feel so uncomfortable in anything that isn't me. On the other hand, I hate being a sore sport and not participating in the office antics that are Halloween. My trick? Target Dollar Spot. They always have some sort of animal ears on a headband option. So, the ones I like, I pick up. They're a dollar, come on.

Then, once Halloween gets closer, I go get one of those three dollar face paint pans. It usually has white, black, red and purple paints. That's pretty much all of the colors you'd need to be any animal. Last year, I found cat ears, wore an all black outfit and painted a nose and some whiskers on my face. Easy-peasy.

This year, I found bunny ears. So, I'm kind of still trying to figure out how to paint my face. I know I need a pink nose and whiskers, but black whiskers does not scream bunny. So, I'm leaning toward white whiskers, which I'll probably wear with a white v-neck and purple cardigan and jeans.

Hallween can truly be that simple. I'm not gifted in the come up with a really original, non-slutty costume talent that many other people seem to have. I must have been born without that gene.

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