Oct 2, 2013

Obsessed with Curlipop

For a while I had a love/hate relationship with curling wands. The first one I had was the Conair one I think, with the pink wand. I didn't like the curls it made with the tapered barrel, so I switched back to my tried and true Hot Tools curling iron (I use either the 1 1/4 in. or the 2 in. barrel depending on what type of curl I want).
Then, a few weeks back I saw another blogger talking about the Bed Head, Curlipops, curling wand and I loved her curls. So, naturally I went and tracked one down (at Target of course) and I've been in love ever since. The picture below is what my hair looks like right after I've curled and raked through them with my fingers. It's a bit too "Taylor Swift" looking to me when the curls are fresh, but I LOVE the slept on curls even more.
I usually shower and dry my hair at night and go ahead and curl my hair with the curling wand. Then, I sleep on the curls, so they get a bit more of a natural look to them. I don't put my hair up or anything, just sleep with my hair down and the next morning I'll fluff them back up a little at the roots and use some texturizing spray and I'm done. The curls hold up amazingly in the humid heat that is every day in Florida and they last a good two days (with dry shampoo at the roots of course).


  1. How much was the wand? Does it work on just above the shoulder length hair?

    1. It was right around $30 at Target. I had tried to get it at Ulta and use some of my points, but they were out. It will definitely work on just above the shoulder length hair and look great! Julianne Hough's current hair style when she has it curled with the wand is gorgeous.

  2. Can you do a tutorial?

  3. She uses the same wand. I am sorry to ask so many questions.. but I truly admire your work here.


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