Oct 31, 2013

YSL Lipstain Review

I have debated over the YSL lipstains for a long time. Are they worth it? Are they not worth it? Do I even like lipstains, let alone a $34 lip stain? You get the picture. Well folks, I do like lipstains and I do like this $34 YSL one above all else. I spent a solid thirty minutes hogging the space in front of the display at Sephora this weekend and I'm pretty sure I missed two while swatching, so I think I need to go back and swatch all over again (kidding).

As I was testing colors, I realized the more layers I applied, the stronger the color payoff became, which is fantastic for bold colors. You can either get a sheered out wash of a bold color for day and then swipe on a few more layers for a bolder pop of color at night.
If you can picture it, I was standing in a very busy Sephora, blocking the YSL lipstains, swatches a good distance past my right wrist and for a split second I know I was talking to myself out loud when I was debating which color I was going to purchase. I know a Sephora employee walked up to me at some point and it would probably make my story better to say that he had caught me talking to myself, but I can't say for sure.

After a solid conversation with myself, I went with a neutral, my lips but better, shade that I knew I would get a lot of wear out of. I can't lie though, I was really jonesing for one of the bold, draw attention to yourself colors, but for the amount of money I was going to spend, I wanted a color I could wear anytime and feel like a million bucks. I ended up getting the color beige anarchist, number 106, from the rebel nudes line.
As you can see in the swatch, it really is a fantastic nude for my skin color. It has a hint of shimmer, but nothing too crazy, and it's probably a shade darker than the natural color of my lips.  I will say, if you've seen the L'Oreal lipstains that recently came out, they are a dup for these YSL lipstains; I mean they are identical. The only shortcoming of the L'Oreal stains, not a whole lot of shades to choose from and they seem to take a bit longer to dry, maybe it's just me though.

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