Nov 12, 2013

Fall Shoes

I've gotta be honest, I don't understand why everyone hates on Floridians for busting out their boot collection at the first wisp of fall air. Everyone, everywhere has been chomping at the bit for Fall to come around, we just get the temperature change later than most. That doesn't mean we don't want to dress out of the other, less worn side of our closets like everyone else.

Now that we've got that straight, we are getting ready to welcome our first cool front as I like to call them. The atmosphere pushes in a few days of chilly 60 degree days and then just like that we're back to 80 wondering why Mother Nature has such an evil vendetta out for all Floridians. Since I'm overjoyed about this upcoming weather change, I thought there's no better to way to show my love than to post my favorite cold weather shoe options.

A jewel toned pop of color like the BCBG Generation Maryanna Flats are great for wearing color without dressing in it head to toe. These shoes would kick a basic white T and jeans outfit up a notch.

Target shoe department has been killing it lately. They are so on trend, but still sticking with more classic pieces, which is great because no matter what you pick, they won't be out of style next year. I am in desperate need (okay, maybe not need) of some black riding boots and the Kamari Tall Boots from Target are on my list to purchase.

Oh shooties, whoever came up with your name probably could have done better, but I love you nonetheless. These Mix No. 6 Karin Booties with the gold zipper are seriously the most comfortable pair of shoes. I have ordered them already and am waiting impatiently for them to arrive. I can't wait to pair them with a black lace dress and some stockings for a wedding in a few weeks. (That post coming soon).

The west won me over with the Minnetonka 3-Layer Fringe moccassin boots. They are so comfortable and they make any outfit look pulled together. I lived in these boots during our fall trip to the mountains a couple weeks ago. A few tips on purchasing these babies though, if you have large calves you definitely need to try them on before purchasing; my calves aren't huge by any means, but the 3 layer fringe hit literally just below my calf muscle and there's no way I could pull on the 5-layer fringe boot. Also, purchase a size up from your normal shoe size. I am an 8.5 tried and true, but the 9 fit like a glove.

Combat boots are having a moment and I'm loving it. I don't know what it is about these boots, but I've been obsessed with them ever since I saw another girl wearing them with the cutest outfit when we were out in Napa during out San Francisco trip this past May. The Madden Girl Gamer Combat Boots are a great option to toughen up any outfit.

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  1. I always think the samething. Why can't I wear boots if it is under 70. I would be like me telling people up North they can't wear summer clothing until it get to over 90º. Great post!


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