Nov 1, 2013

Foundation Change Up

By the time November rolls around, we're probably all lacking that summer glow from a few months back. It's important to put that darker foundation shade away in a drawer just as you would with your bathing suits. Even the slightest bit of color change could leave your foundation a tad too dark for Fall and Winter.

For the longest time I was wearing MAC's Studio Fix Fluid foundation, so I always knew what color I needed to switch to as my tan deepened or began to fade and I always had a spare bottle of either color stored away.

Not long ago, I switched to Makeup Forever's Mat Velvet+ and was color matched (highly recommend this) when I had a darker tan than what I've been working with lately. I didn't really notice that my foundation was too dark because it still matched my face, but when running errands last weekend, I flipped down the car visor at one point to check my makeup and saw my face was wayyyy too dark compared to my neck.

So, I found myself at Sephora again and had them color match me with a foundation that would better match my neck. MUFE's shades are increments of 5. So, my original color was 35 and my new Fall/Winter color match is a step below with the shade 30. As you can see below, there's a big difference in the color of the two when put side-by-side.

Foundation Matching Tip 1: Be sure to place the foundation toward your ear on the bottom of your jaw line and drag down the neck a little bit to make sure the foundation color matches your neck. You're not necessarily trying to match the color of your face because you could have more redness in your face than on your neck. So, always match the foundation to your neck.

Foundation Matching Tip 2: Having a makeup artist at MAC, Sephora or any beauty counter in a department store is your best bet to getting perfectly matched. What girl doesn't like a little one-on-one time with a makeup artist?

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