Nov 25, 2013

I'm not a slouchy bag kind of girl. I look at those bucket bags and my throat starts to slowly close up because I know I'll drop my keys or sunglasses into that bucket and never see them again. I'll give whoever named them credit though, that's exactly what those purses look like. For me, I love the structure and sharp lines of a structured handbag. I feel like since the sides stand up on their own, I don't have to fight against them to find what I'm looking for inside and I just feel like it looks clean. I don't know why, but it's what I like. These are a few of my favorites of the moment:

1. Cedar Street Maise-Kate Spade // 2. Utility Bag-Kate Spade Saturday // 3. Small Sloan-Michael Kors // 4. Large Selma Studded-Michael Kors // 5. Crossbody City Tote-Coach

Let's chat; are you a structured bag kinda girl or do you go for the bucket or hobo style bags?

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