Nov 11, 2013

Last Day: Sephora VIB Sale

I finally made it to Sephora this weekend to put my VIB 20% off to good use. During November I try not to spend a ton of money, if any, on items for myself. I do have a few rules that allow me to spend on me: need a particular item for wedding or party, once a year coupon comes in the mail (looking at you Sephora) or there is a crazy sale (like the one I hit at Loft this weekend). If it doesn't fall into those categories, the money goes toward someone else's Christmas gift.

With that, I definitely didn't go crazy at Sephora; I only picked up the items I had truly been lusting over for a good while and that the discount would make a big enough chunky into the price. I gave my "share with a friend" discount card to my mom and sister the next day when I went back with them and had a lot of fun shopping with them as well.

Today is the very last day of the sale. If you received the email, coupons in the mail or have a friend willing to share their friend pass then get yourself to Sephora and pick out some goodies. I originally had the intention to buy everything online, but a lot of items were sold out that I wanted to check out, but the store still had in stock. So, if you can get to the store first, do that and then try to find any remaining items online. If your buy online, try using the code: VIBTOPIA. You do have to be logged into your Sephora account and I've seen some people say it works and others say it doesn't, but give it a try if you don't have the coupons.

Without further ado, here's what I got:
A few weeks ago I picked up my first Formula X nail polish and loved the finish and the staying power. So, naturally I became curious about the full set and what it could do. When you pick up the set, you can choose any color you want and it's free (normally a $10.50 item). I went with Pirotechnic. It's such a great true red color and perfect for the holidays.

Next item on my wishlist was the Marc Jacobs Lolita palette. This palette is perfection. The colors are gorgeous and work well for everyday or smoking it out at night. I do wish there was one more darker crease shade, but the dark color is a fantastic matte brown and it's buildable, so I can get it as dark or sheer as I'd like.

Nars lipgloss is fantastic. I picked up the Larger Than Life gloss in Candy Says. It's great neutral, kind of rosy gold color, the Sephora website calls it a shimmering strawberry pink.

Lastly, I purchased the MUFE Full Coverage Concealer in shade 1-Pink Porcelain (not pictured above). This will be great under my eyes since it has that pinky tone to brighten up the area.
My sister definitely got the steal of the day, which I cannot find online, but in-store they had the Lorac Pro Palette with a full-size pen liner, full-size mascara and an eyeshadow primer for $48. The only thing I can find similar online is the Pro Palette with the eyeshadow primer for $42. If you can get to the store though, definitely look for the full value set, because for $6 more you're getting two more full-size products. If I hadn't purchased the Marc Jacobs palette, I definitely would've followed suit and gotten this one. She doesn't get to use it until Christmas though since she picked it out as a present. So, I won't truly feel left out until then.
Happy Shopping!

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