Nov 18, 2013

Rules of a Southern Belle

  1. How to make sweet tea before they learn anything else in the kitchen.
  2. A newcomer is always welcomed to a home cooked meal.
  3. Bare nails are better than chipped nails. (Chipped nails should never see the light of day.)
  4. One must never leave the house without looking put together (even on the weekend running errands in yoga pants).
  5. Handbags (no matter their price tag) don't go on the floor, they are always set in an empty seat next to you, hung from your chair or set on the chair behind your back.
  6. How to use Bless Your Heart correctly and always without a hint of sarcasm.
  7. White shoes are never worn after Labor Day or before Easter Sunday.
  8. That the company she's with is more important than her phone (put the iPhone down).
  9. How to master the art of small talk. She's always up to date on current events and knows her audience.
  10. One always writes handwritten Thank you notes.
  11. One always sends handwritten Just Because notes as well.
  12. A self-inking return address stamp is a must.
  13. Monogramming is a way of life.
  14. Southern women are strong as oaks and sweet as honeysuckle.
  15. Southern charm cannot be replicated.
What southern belle rules have you been taught?

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