Nov 11, 2013

Why We Should Look Forward to Mondays

Monday has the worst reputation out of all the days of the week. There are more graphically designed quotes about how horrible Monday is floating around on Pinterest (a few of my favorites below) than I can probably even count and yet, we should really be looking forward to Mondays.

Yes, I just said typed that.
And no post is complete without a cat:
Now, let's look at it from another perspective. Why do we like January 1st, our birthday, anniversary dates and any other significant date in our lives? Even a new journal or planner can spark excitement within us, but why? They give us a chance to reset. I love ordering a new planner and starting to mark it up on the first day of a new month. It feels clean, new and is an opportunity to change who I am in a sense.

January 1st or the beginning of a new month gives us the same opportunity. We can change our outlook on the coming month and see life with a fresh perspective. We can create new resolutions and goals that better who we are as people. All of us on this earth look forward to a clean slate; as humans we all need those fresh starts and a reason to act on them.

So, why are Mondays any different? As the first day of the week, we are provided a clean slate every time Monday rolls around, which means every seven days you can literally hit the restart button. No one ever starts a new diet, workout routine, anything schedule on a random day during the week. No, they start it at the beginning of some mark on the calendar, which usually ends up being the first day of the year, month or week. Instead of dumping all your life's problems on Monday, look at it as the opportunity to start fresh.

Don't worry, I'll be struggling to change my mindset about Mondays right along with you.

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