Dec 31, 2013

December Favorites

Not only is December coming to a close today, but so is 2013! I don't know where the years go these days. December is always a fun month for hair and makeup to me because of all the parties and festivities. I love getting to change up my look for special outings and December always seems to provide the most opportunities for that.
L-R:Sephora Super Supreme Body Butter, BBW Party Dress 3 Wick Candle, Nars Orgasm Blush, Wet n Wild Shimmer Champagne Glow, Caudelie Beauty Elixir, Twistbands from Old Navy, OPI Take 10 Mini Set (nude colors only)
The weather can't decide what it wants to do right now. Some days it was pushing 80 degrees, while this morning it was foggy and had some difficulty getting into the 60s. When that happens my skin doesn't know what to do, so it ends up feeling kind of dry. Sephora's Super Supreme Body Butter came in handy, even though I can't stand the smell of it. Thankfully, the scent wears off and I've only been putting it on at night. So, no one else has to smell that awful scent either. It's like straight up antiseptic and roses (gross), but it does such a great job moisturizing without that sticky, greasy after feeling.

So, I've almost completely burned down my first Bath & Body Works Party Dress candle and have now put it on a candle warmer to make it last a bit longer. I only have this one untouched candle in it left (pictured) and I'm really trying not to touch it until I can't smell the other one on the burner anymore. This is one of my all-time favorite scents from B&BW candle line. The scent makes me think of a bunch of girls in an oversized bathroom getting ready for girls' night out. The website describes it as, "an unforgettable blend of orchid petals, billowing white peony and soft jasmine that's fitting for any celebration." Frankly, I like my description better, but oh well. It's still fantastic!

I've gone through several of the Nars Orgasm blushes in the past couple of years. The color is a gorgeous coral-ish color with a golden shimmer that's barely noticeable until the light hits just perfectly. It works on so many different skin tones, even though it doesn't look like it would in the pan. Love!

This next product was a bit of a "oh, it's like $3, I'll get it" kind of purchase. I was at Walgreens one day during lunch trying to find a few products to freshen up my look cause I had gone to work with the minimal amount of makeup not thinking I was going anywhere after work, but then something came up and I just needed a few more items to feel pulled together for after hours. I picked up the Champagne Glow shimmer palette by Wet n Wild and threw it in my basket, thinking I'd only use it once. I was totally wrong. This shimmer is great. It's not too shimmery or noticeable. It highlights your face without looking like you brushed highlighter all over your face. I've also been applying a light swipe of it under my eyes after concealer if I need a tiny bit more brightness, but it never looks like I have shimmer under my eyes.

The Beauty Elixir from Caudelie, I really wanted to hate. Mainly because the full bottle is $50 and I can't ever imagine spending that much money on facial mist, but it's sooo good. I first purchased the smaller $18 bottle to give it a try. Everything about this spray, I love. The scent is like this clean, minty, relaxing scent. It can instantly relax me after a crazy day with the scent alone, but then I see it on my face and it just makes my skin look amazing! I spray it on at night after toner, to refresh my makeup later in the afternoon, when I just want to smell it. That's probably why my bottle is now empty.

I'll never wear another elastic in my hair as long as I have Twistbands around. They are so cute and they don't leave those crease marks in my hair like regular elastics do. My hair is also very long and thick and when pulled up too high into a ponytail, it can actually give me a headache (no joke). These hairbands seem to hold the hair up differently though and I don't get headaches. It's the strangest thing, but I swear by these.
L-R: You Don't Know Jaques, Bubble Bath, Alpine Snow, Pirouette My Whistle, Tickle Me France-y
So, I got this OPI Take 10 Mini Set of nail polishes at a Christmas gift exchange earlier this month and I'm obsessed! It's all the perfect shade of neutral colors with a dash of sparkle. I feel like a ballerina or princess in these soft pink/nude colors. My mom took home the red colors of this set and she loves those too. So, needless to say, this is a great set of 10 colors from OPI. I really like wearing the Bubble Bath color as a base color and then sweeping a layer or two of the Pirouette My Whistle glitter just at the tips of my nails; almost like a french manicure, but without worrying about the precision.

Lastly, the holiday season isn't the holiday season without a red lip. I fell in love with Rimmel's Show Off Lip Laquer in Big Bang a few months ago, but have been using it a lot this month as my go-to lip color. I find a lot of red lipsticks can be drying or wear off in spots, so you have uneven looking lip color without even realizing it. This laquer applies more like a gloss, so it wears better and is non drying, but the pigment is like that of a lipstick.
Cat photo bombed. She thinks she's a favorite too, which...she's right.

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