Dec 11, 2013

December Julep Box

Julep nail polishes are fantastic in my book. They are long-lasting, chip resistant and can pretty much withstand anything I put them through. If I were an outdoorsy kind of girl, that might provide better grounds for that withstanding argument, but in all fairness, the biggest issue I usually have with polish is the tips wearing off with all the typing I do.
I'm on a computer all day at work and then I type some more at home for this blog and social media throughout the day. So the tips of my nails get into a lot of physical contact and can wear off. I can safely say, however, that my manicure lasts, at minimum, a week (that's a fair amount of time for polish) as in a seven day week, not a work week. Plus, the polish colors are always fantastic.
I found a gorgeous purplish-merlot color with the slightest hint of a similiar shimmer and a fantastic gold glitter polish. The color on the left dries a little bit lighter than the color in the bottle, but it makes it a bit more subdued, which I like. The gold glitter polish is hands down my favorite glitter. It's not chunky, you don't have to layer it over another solid color polish to get a better color payoff and it applies so easy and smooth.
In my box, I also found a five shadow palette. It's called their Sweep Eyeshadow Palette and to be honest, I didn't even know Julep made eyeshadow. I've received mascara, a DD cream and a few other makeup type items, but never eyeshadow. As of yet, I haven't tried the shadows, just a quick swatch of the colors to see color pay-off, but nothing more than that. I do love me some neutral colored eyeshadows though. I mean, no champagne or brown shadow is ever the same...right?
A quick swatch of the two polish colors. Oh, and don't mind my dry hands.
My overall thoughts on Julep Maven boxes? I love the polishes and the little extras they throw in each box, so you don't feel like you're just getting nail polish. I love that you get a preview of your box each month before it ships, so you can decide to either choose a different box that wasn't selected for you due to your beauty profile or if you don't like any of the box options that month, you can actually skip the box and don't pay anything.

I've skipped the last three boxes I think simply because I didn't like any of the colors. One thing I hate, you have to call their customer service line to cancel your subscription. I don't know why that makes me uncomfortable, but it does. I always think of that Friends episode where Chandler is trying to quit the gym and they send out the beautiful woman to sway him from cancelling. Then, Ross goes with him for moral support the next time and he ends up signing up for a membership as well. I feel like if you have to call or do something in person, they will fight tooth and nail to convince you to stay and I just don't want to deal with the hassle.

If you are a nail polish fanatic and change your polish more than you change your clothes (kind of gross, but whatever) then you'd get a lot of enjoyment out of this box. If you're not so into polish and tend to stick to the same colors, then I'd say skip this box subscription. If you're curious about beauty boxes though, I'd highly, highly recommend Glossybox. They are, by far, the best beauty box I've been subscribed to thus far. It's a bit more expensive than say, Birchbox, but I feel like you get better products and larger luxury sample sizes.

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