Dec 27, 2013

Do or Don't: NYX Butter Gloss

I love lip products and find that I experiment more with color on my lips than any other type of makeup product. A quick swipe of a bright lip color can completely change your look and pull everything together. If I don't feel like doing anything more than mascara to my eyes, I'll usually put on a bright coral or reddish lip color, so at least one of my facial features is highlighted. Since I love experimenting with lips so much, I really hate paying a lot for glosses and lipsticks. I think the only MAC lipglosses I own are because I've recycled old bottles, eyeshadows etc in the MAC store and in return they give you a free lipstick, eyeshadow or lipgloss. With that, I tend to get a few lipglosses a year out of them for free.

Most of my lip products come from the drugstore though. Sometimes I do splurge, like the YSL stain I bought a few months ago (and love), but I just can't make myself do that all the time. There's a new lip product in stores every week it feels like and I since I like to try them all, I try to stick to the $7 or less options. Sometimes I score and find a product I love and other times I find a dud. NYX Butter Glosses are no dud though. They are actually pretty darn amazing.
Not only are they $5, but Ulta routinely marks all NYX products down with "buy one get one 1/2", which makes me even happier. Aside from the monetary part of these glosses being fantastic, the "butter" part is not misleading; they do feel like butter on your lips and provide a bit more of a moisturizing layer than other lip glosses. There are twelve colors total in the collection and my personal favorites are eclair (pictured) and tiramisu. I like eclair for a bit more of a ballerina pink pout and the tiramisu  is closer to a nude-ish pink, so it's a bit more natural. I haven't color tested any of the other glosses in the collection, but there is a red color that I think would be amazing, I just can't find it in stores at the moment. These babies are popular!

In my opinion, NYX Butter Glosses are a definite "DO". They are cheap, have great color payoff, moisturize your lips, oh and they smell heavenly! I've only seen them at Ulta and online. My Target doesn't seem to have them even though they now have a display in the store.

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