Dec 9, 2013

French Mani Fail

I ran into Target real quick last night to pick up a few items I needed this week and on the way back to the checkout, I realized I needed to do something with my nails in a desperate way. I had gotten a gel manicure at the nail salon a few days before Thanksgiving and had effectively peeled all of them off yesterday morning.

As I was back looking at nail buffers (to get the residue off my nails) I saw Sally Hansen came out with French Manicure Gel Strips. Immediately, I heard a chorus of angels. I picked up the black tip ones because why not?
I thought they were going to be so easy. The directions made it sound that way at least. Peel and apply black strip, smooth away excess. Peel and apply clear strip and smooth away excess. Voila! Pretty black tipped french manicure.

First, I'm not sure I was given enough black strips because I was having to try and use the excess pieces to cover another nail. Second, I made it through all of 5 nails (on different hands) before I threw in the towel or in this case peeled all that crap off and just painted them with actual nail polish.
I really should've taken pictures of the treachery that was applying these things, but I was so annoyed with the application and slightly pissed off at myself for being too dumb to apply gel strips to my nails. If you want my advice, the $11 and change it cost for up to two week salon quality manicure is worthless when you can't apply them correctly. I spent about 45 minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

I do love the Kitty Kitty full nail gel strips from Sally Hansen and those babies go on so quick and easy. I should've just gone that route; lesson learned.

Have you ever tried a product that just didn't work out at all?

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