Dec 24, 2013

Our Typical Christmas Morning

First off, Merry Christmas Eve! I hope y'all are having a wonderful holiday season and are able to spend time with the ones you love. This year I'm extra thankful to have a close friend home from Afghanistan, safe and sound, in time for Christmas. A bunch of us got together the other night to celebrate his return and hug on him.

We also attended a "Few of My Favorite Things" party over the weekend. Talk about a great party! Each person brings 5 of the same item that they consider to be their favorite thing. The spending cap was $7 an item, so $35 in total. Each person writes their name on five pieces of paper and they are all collected into  a bowl. Then, once the papers are shuffled, each person then draws five names, putting back any duplicates.

We all introduced ourselves and showed off our favorite item. Then, one by one, each person would read off one of the names they had drawn and that person gets the gift. So, essentially, the names you have in your hand get to take home the item you brought. In my opinion, it was way better than a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange.

As for Christmas morning, we're pretty much a bunch of bums. We fix our hair and put on just enough makeup to look awake and alive for pictures, but for the most part, we're usually still in pjs or some type of comfy clothing. It's supposed to be chilly here in Florida too, which makes me very happy! Our typical Christmas morning routine looks a little something like this:

8:30-9am: Wake Up
9-9:15am: Everyone fixes their coffee
9:30am: Wait for Mom to turn on the video camera (yep, we still record every Christmas morning)
9:35am: My sister usually opens the first present every year (younger sibling privilege I suppose)
10:15am: Coffee refills
10:30: Still opening presents
11am: Break for breakfast
11:30am: Finish opening gifts or move to stockings
12:15pm: Christmas morning is officially over and we're either lounging around in our pjs still, watching a Christmas movie or a few have wandered off to finally take showers
1-3pm: Usually a mixture of movie watching game playing and a few pops into the kitchen to get things ready for Christmas dinner
4pm: We're usually sitting down to dinner
5pm: Sometimes we catch a movie at the theater if anything good is playing, otherwise it's back to movies and gaming through the rest of the evening

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