Dec 5, 2013

Thursday Trio

Welcome to Thursday Trio everyone! I say that as if you know what it means. Well, I figured it was high time to start a new series around here. Thursdays are sort of dull in the real world, kind of the like the stepsister of the days of the week. Everyone knows it's there, but they're looking forward to Friday and the weekend that they just want to skip over her. Each Thursday I'll round up three of my favorite and maybe sometimes not so favorite items or random thoughts to share with you.

I thought I'd start off pretty random on this first go round though. It's been a crazy busy work week and my brain feels kind of scattered, so the only way to truly represent myself is to share my scatterbrain-ness with all of you. Without further adieu, my Thursday trio starts now.

I never imagined I could love and hate a product at the same time, but Sephora's Super Supreme Body Butter is that love/hate product. I love the formula of this lotion; it's not greasy or sticky or gross and it blends in very quickly to the skin, so you're not sitting there feeling wet for a few minutes after you rub the lotion on. I have the travel size and there is so much lotion in the jar. I use it almost every night, I leave it on my bedside table to remind me to slather it on my legs before getting into bed and I still have almost a full jar after a few weeks of use.

As for the hate part of this love/hate relationship, this stuff stinks! I mean stinks! It smells like they blended floral notes with either anti-itch cream with cortisone or Off! Bug Spray. There is nothing Lusty Pleasure about it, like the jar says. There is definitely some kind of medicinal scent going on in this product. For that reason alone, I only use it at night and I only put it on my legs. Seriously, the farther I can get the scent away from my nose, the better. You'd think that would be enough to make me stop using this product, but it does such a great job moisturizing that I just can't quit it. My legs are usually the driest, scaliest part of my body this time of year due to the dryness, but this lotion makes them look like I rubbed myself down with baby oil, just without the grease. The good thing about the scent is it wears off by morning, but my skin still feels moisturized.

When I first picked up this lotion, I thought I was getting it to help with my dry hands, but honestly, it didn't do the same job on my hands as it does on my legs. Maybe that's why it's called a body butter. Anyway, give it a sniff and decide if it's worth it to smell like antiseptic and flowers. You may hate the smell, but you'll love the moisturizing quality it provides.
It has been a long time since I read a book in my spare time. I deal with manuscripts/books all day every day at work, so when I get home, I tend to shy away from books. I do get more reading done on weekends without a ton of plans though, which is when I've been reading Nicholas Sparks newest release, The Longest Ride, on my iPad. He's woven together to separate stories that have to somehow connect to each other before the book ends. Otherwise, they'd be two books with two different stories. I just haven't gotten to the point where the two plots intertwine and I can't figure out how they are going to do so. Bravo Sparks, bravo. I can usually sniff these plots out pretty easily, but he's got me stumped.

Anyway, it's a great book thus far and kind of different from most of his books, just with the dual plots running side by side and alternating main characters' point of view at each chapter. His books are so well written and I find myself sometimes reading more out of studying his craft and talent as someone would a painting and not always reading for pure enjoyment of the story. Sparks is a fantastic storyteller.
Last, but not least, I went into my office on Monday and decorated for Christmas. I put up a cute little 3 ft. tree with white lights, a silver star and silver beads on my credenza and then I have this mini Christmas Tree that plugs into the USB port of my computer. So, my holiday decorations consist of two Christmas trees and...that's it. (I found my mini tree at Target. It's by Philips and over with all the Christmas light displays. Not sold online.)

So, those were my trio of items for this Thursday. Hope you enjoyed the randomness that is my brain and the thoughts that swirl around inside of it and Happy Friday Eve!

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