Dec 12, 2013

Thursday Trio

1. I love Foo Fighters. Not that, OMG! I totally love them, but I've never seen them in concert kind of way. I've actually seen them in concert (longest night ever) and I actually own their CD's. You could say we're in a committed relationship.

2. Fall semester of my senior year in college, I had to purchase and read twenty-four books. That's twenty-four books in sixteen weeks. I'm still scarred for life.

3. My first job lasted four months. I worked Friday and Saturday nights at an events venue and I hated it. Mainly because I was sixteen and all my friends were out having fun on those nights, I had a boyfriend I never got to see on date nights and I have a major phobia of touching people's dirty plates with their half eaten food on it. Nothing is more disgusting than half eaten, cold, chunky mashed potatoes on a dinner plate of a stranger.

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