Dec 21, 2013

Weekend Reading

Phew! This week was busy, busy, busy. Between my day job, this blog and all activities surrounding the holidays, I'm feeling a bit worn down. There are never enough hours in the day, but that feels especially true in the month of December. I had a jerk steal a parking spot from me at the grocery store, have gotten stuck behind more than one snow bird going 25 mph in the left a 55 mph speed limit and have come in contact with a few bah humbugs this month. What makes it all worth it you ask? All the holiday cards and cookies that pour in from friends and family, the numerous parties and reunions so I can get caught up with old friends and spending Christmas morning with my family. Life can be stressful and busy and full of rude, unloving people, but I have been reminding myself to keep it all in perspective. My life is pretty freakin' awesome and I wouldn't trade with anyone.

Without further adieu, here's what I loved this week:

I have used this recipe twice already this month and the cookies are fantastic! To make them a bit more Christmas-y, I rolled the dough in green and red colored sugar as well as Christmas nonpareils instead of cinnamon sugar.

This scarf needs to find its way into my closet. Looking at you, Santa.

I'm also loving this boatneck cable knit sweater

I have an obsession with Ashley Brooke Designs and reading her blog is a daily must.

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