Dec 28, 2013

Weekend Reading

It's always so amazing to me how we spend an entire month or so getting ready for Christmas and then once it's here, it's gone in a flash. It's my favorite time of year and I really do try to relish in every little moment of the season to ensure I get the full experience every year. This year was no different. We saw the town light up the park with 2 million + lights the weekend after Thanksgiving. We partook in the Christmas walk the next weekend and then snow in the park the next weekend. We went Christmas shopping, wrapped gifts without any help from Santa's elves, enjoyed holiday parties with friends and spent Christmas morning together as a family.

Now, that Christmas is over, there are tons of "After Christmas" sales going on. We hit the mall yesterday and while it was beyond packed, we scored a few extra items on a good sale.

To celebrate our girls trip to San Francisco from May 2013, we got my mom THIS Golden Gate Bridge ornament from Pottery Barn. Then, she bought my sister and I matching ones yesterday and we all got THIS cable car ornament as well. Now, we'll be reminded every Christmas of our time in San Francisco together.

To also honor our trip together, my sister and I got matching SAN FRANCISCO EMBROIDERED pillows and it goes perfectly with THIS new bedding I got from West Elm.

If you're an Instagram addict like myself, I love following THIS feed from "Pearls and Pastries" as well as THIS feed from "College Prepster" and THIS feed from "SarahKJP".

On another note, I love THIS girl's makeup tutorials and THIS girl's hair tutorials. You'll lose hours of your life, but at least you'll have me to thank for it!

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