Jan 6, 2014

Cozy Grey Bedroom

Remember that last time the temperatures plummeted and every state except Florida was freezing their booties off? Well, today that changes. Even we're not exempt from this next vortex; temperatures are supposed to drop into the 20s and with the wind chill, it's supposed to feel like it's in the teens. I love the cold weather and I'm a native Floridian. There's something to be said about not sweating as soon as you get out of the shower and it's a whole lot easier to put more layers on than it is to take layers off, especially since some are required to stay on to keep within the law.

While I love cold weather, I also can't imagine having to shovel snow or scrape ice off my windshield (I'll be parking in the garage tonight to avoid that task tomorrow morning). I wouldn't mind snow days though. To me, those sound much better than hurricane days. Besides, if we had a snow day, I could stay curled up in my new bedding, read a book and drink as much hot toddies as I'd like. That, to me, sounds like a fantastic idea.
I had some amazing grey herringbone, flannel sheets waiting for me under the Christmas tree, which of course went on my bed ASAP. Then, the day after Christmas, I got an email from West Elm proclaiming their best sale of the year started that day. I had been eyeing a new duvet cover there for months that would match my grey and white striped sheets. I looked at it online at least once a week it seemed like and even went into the store a time or two—softness is key to bedding. I hadn't paid much attention to any other duvets in the store though. I was pretty set on the Pintuck bedding, but for some reason I took the blinders off on December 26th and found the most amazing bedding in the entire world! One of the display beds had another grey duvet cover on it and if you put it on display, I'm going to run my hand across it to test its level of softness. It was like butter, so soft, yet textured, which keeps the duvet from looking too plain and boring.
That day, the Brighton Matelasse Duvet Cover came home with me. I wanted to add a bit of depth to the bedding as well, so I also purchased the Pintuck standard sized shams in slate to mix in a darker grey and they had the most amazing cable knit throw in that same slate color on sale, so I got that to drape at the end of my bed. The quilt at the foot of my bed is from an antique store in North Carolina. It's been worn and loved to pieces (literally).
The new bedding matched perfectly with the San Francisco pillow from Pottery Barn that I also found waiting for me under the Christmas tree. I love how it has all the important elements of San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge, the Cable car, the biker, fog clouds and even the Transamerica Building.

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