Jan 7, 2014

What's in My Work Tote

With my job comes the guarantee that I'm pretty much schlepping my laptop to and from work everyday. Unfortunately, that's not all that I carry back and forth with me and I could never find THE BAG that made it all a little easier to manage.

My laptop alone is heavy, but then when you pile in my planner, a notebook and other notepads to keep the creative juices flowing any bag would get heavy. When my mom asked me for Christmas gift ideas, I threw out the Vera Bradley Commuter Tote. I had seen it in stores before and it looked nice, had long enough shoulder straps and all, but I still didn't know if it was going to be the Holy Grail of totes. Then, on Christmas Day night, I moved my laptop and all my other items to the tote, threw it over my shoulder and it was perfect. I'm not going to lie, it's got some weight to it, but I carry around a 15in Macbook Pro, so it's going to be heavy no matter what. The weight seemed to be balanced nicely though, so it's not painful or all that noticeable, the shoulder straps are thick, so they don't dig into your shoulders and it hangs probably with the bottom of the tote hitting at my hips.

Now, for the more exciting stuff...what's inside.
The zippers go down on each side a little more than half way, so the bag opens up wide to make it easier to get things in and out. This is what it looks like inside. My laptop sits in a padded pocket on one side and then there's a large, deep section in the middle of the bag right next to my laptop. Plus, the bag has three deep pockets on the other wall of the tote.
L-R: Rifle Paper Co Label and Sticker Book, Kate Spade Gold Polka Dot 2014 Planner (sold out online), "Awesome Ideas" notepad from Target, "Great Ideas" pad from J. Crew (similar)
My Kate Spade 2014 Planner is ALWAYS on me. I have my entire life documented in it: work stuff, hair appointments, blog planning, weddings, vacations, birthdays. You name it, it's written down in this thing. Then, I have another Kate Spade striped notebook to jot down any ideas that come to me for the novel I'm trying desperately to write. I have another notebook that came from Target's Dollar Spot and I just like the phrase "Awesome Ideas to Take Over the World." Then, I have a small scratchpad from J.Crew for more great ideas and the Rifle Paper Co. labels and stickers book. I use these in my planner or on envelopes I drop in the mail all the time.
Notepad from Rifle Paper Co.
In the three deep pockets inside the tote I keep a lined notepad from Rifle Paper Co. for list-making. It's heading provides a bit more urgency to my tasks, don't you think? A lint roller is always a necessity when you have cats and ibuprofen is a must when you stare at the computer screen and manuscripts all day long.
There's one more pocket on the back of the tote that has spots for pens/pencils card slots and an I.D. slot. It's great for "quick grab" items.
Last thing this tote obviously carries? My laptop. And... that is what I have in my work tote.

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